How many pounds can a Gradall lift?

How many pounds can a Gradall lift?

The rated lift capacity is based on the machine being equipped with 8,850 lb. (4014 kg) counterweight, standard boom and no bucket.

How much does a Gradall forklift weigh?

20,370 lb. (9,240 kg) Rated lift capacities shown are with ma- chine on a firm, level surface with undam- aged, properly inflated tires. Machine specifications and stability are based on rated lift capacities at specific boom angles and boom lengths.

What is a gradall forklift?

Gradall telehandler 6000lbs, 8000lbs and 10,000lbs capacity. The rough-terrain Gradall 10K Forklift combines an impressive lift capacity with 41-foot maximum reach, and features 90-degree rear-pivot steering for the tight turning radius needed in crowded working areas.

Who makes Gradall telehandler?

JLG Industries
JLG Industries, an Oshkosh Corp. company, and leading manufacturer of telescopic material handlers, last week announced that by the end of 2008 Gradall-branded telehandlers will become part of an expanded JLG-branded telehandler family.

What is a Gradall excavator?

Gradall excavators offer the same high bucket dig forces in at close range and at full reach – making it more productive over a wider work area. With 220 degree of boom tilt capability, there is no match for the Gradall Excavator.

Who makes Gradall forklift?

Alamo Group Inc.
Gradall has been sold to the Alamo Group Inc. The $39.4-million sale by JLG Industries Inc., which had owned Gradall since 1999, was announced at an employee meeting at the plant Feb. 3.

What is a Gradall used for?

The design of Gradall’s telescoping, tilting boom allows it to work under trees, bridges signs, ground floors and multi-story buildings and other challenging job locations where conventional knuckle booms simply will not fit.

What is a Gradall telehandler?

Maneuverability: A Gradall forklift or telehandler allows for precise movement into position. Low maintenance: You’ll experience less downtime thanks to low-maintenance requirements.

Can you lift material with a scissor lift?

High capacity MEWPs are often a great solution for lifting materials. The highest capacity scissor lift that Genie manufactures is the Genie GS-3390 RT model with a 2,500-lb capacity and 39-ft of working height. It is designed for lifting heavy or large materials and is a good option for large jobsites.