How many Parkruns are there in the UK?

How many Parkruns are there in the UK?

Parkrun is the name given to the collection of 5K runs that take place every Saturday morning in 729 different locations throughout the country, including every region of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the biggest parkrun in the UK?

parkrun attendance top 10

  • parkrun: Bushy Park. 2545 attending on 25/12/2019.
  • parkrun: Southampton. 1612 attending on 18/01/2020.
  • parkrun: Norwich. 1360 attending on 25/12/2019.
  • parkrun: Poole.
  • parkrun: Clapham Common.
  • parkrun: Milton Keynes.
  • parkrun: Cardiff.
  • parkrun: Cannon Hill.

How does parkrun make money?

parkrun is open and transparent. We publish event donations and withdrawals here. parkrun is a not-for-profit organisation. All income directly supports our existing events and is used for the development of parkrun.

What is the fastest parkrun time?

Runners can travel to and complete any Parkrun, those that travel are termed “tourists” and can complete challenges. The male record holder is Andrew Baddeley with a time of 13 minutes and 48 seconds. The female record holder is Caitlin Adams with a time of 15 minutes and 38 seconds.

How many Parkruns are there in London?

47 parkruns
There are 47 parkruns in London.

What is the average parkrun time?

Average finish times In 2005, the average finish time for completing a parkrun was 22:17. In 2020, it was 32:30.

Why is parkrun Cancelled?

The most common reasons for events being cancelled are: Weather – For example, the course is flooded or too icy, or if high winds or other weather conditions may have left some parts of the course unpassable or dangerous. Lightning – If lightning is present or in the vicinity of the event.

Has parkrun restarted?

RESTART POSTPONED TO 26th JUNE 2021 Over the past four weeks, parkrun HQ have been discussing the return of parkrun in England with hundreds of landowners across the country. The good news is that Valentines parkrun has already received approval.

Where can I find parkrun events in the UK?

There are 1,050 events around the country to choose from. You can find your nearest parkrun using our event map. We’d love to see you soon! There are so many reasons to take part!

Is there a running calendar in the UK?

Running Calendar UK. Running Calendar UK has just been launched in June 2019 with the aim to have the most comprehensive list of running events and walking events in the United Kingdom including 5K & 10K fun runs, Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultra Marathons.

How old do you have to be to run parkrun Australia?

Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. On Sunday mornings, there are 2k junior parkruns for children aged four to 14. parkrun is a positive, welcoming and inclusive experience where there is no time limit and no one finishes last. Everyone is welcome to come along, whether you walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate.

When is the Falkirk parkrun 5km run?

For further details please see here . What is Falkirk parkrun? It is a 5km run – it’s you against the clock. When is it? Every Saturday at 9:30am.