How many Hennessey Venom GT are there?

How many Hennessey Venom GT are there?

To date, HPE has built and delivered eleven Venom GTs to owners around the world. Each vehicle is built to order and takes six months to complete. As the production run will be limited to a total of just 29 units worldwide.

Is there a car faster than the Hennessey Venom GT?

Hennessey Venom F5 – 301 MPH Successor to the record-setting Venom GT, the Venom F5 has a theoretical and claimed top speed of 301 mph, besting the next fastest car by a solid margin. Continue reading The Manual’s article on their website.

What is the most expensive Hennessey Venom?

The Hennessey Venom GT is a sports car from the United Kingdom, and its design is based on the Lotus Elise Roadster and the Exige coupe. According to Hennessey Performance, the Venom set a Guinness Book World Record for going from zero to 186 mph in 13.63 seconds. All that speed will cost you a hefty $1.2 million.

What kind of engine does Hennessey Venom have?

The Hennessey Venom F5’s engine is a turbocharged petrol, 6.6 litre, overhead valve 90 degree V 8 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. It develops 1817 bhp (1842 PS/1355 kW) of power at 8000 rpm, and maximum torque of 1617 N·m (1193 lb·ft/164.9 kgm) at 5000 rpm. It features dry sump-type lubrication.

Who is director of Hennessey Performance Venom GT?

Brian Smith, Director of Miller Motorsport Park, experienced test driver and vehicle dynamic engineer, drove the Venom GT through all phases of the testing. The Hennessey Performance team was able to utilize the Shuttle Landing runway via the Performance Power LLC Space Act Agreement.

When does the Hennessey Venom F5 come out?

US allocations are close to being sold out. The Venom F5 will make its official debut at The Quail during Monterey car week in August of this year. Being mated to the new chassis is Hennessey Specialty Vehicles’ all-new bespoke 1,800+ hp engine called Fury.

Is the Venom GT made from a Lotus Elise?

The Venom GT is created from a base Lotus Elise / Exige and utilizes components including but not limited to the roof, doors, side glass, windscreen, dash, cockpit, floorpan, HVAC system, wiper and headlights. Hennessey Performance and the Venom GT are not associated with Lotus Cars.