How many episodes of Full Metal Panic are there?

How many episodes of Full Metal Panic are there?

They are based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji, using material from the first three novels ( Fighting Boy Meets Girl, Running One Night Stand, and Into the Blue) of the series over 24 episodes.

Who is the director of Full Metal Panic?

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Full Metal Panic! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Koichi Chigira and animated by Gonzo.

What was the theme song for Full Metal Panic?

The first season began in Japan, on January 8, 2002, and ended on June 18, 2002. The opening theme song to Full Metal Panic! was “tomorrow”, while its ending theme song was “Never Dying Flower” (枯れない花, Karenai Hana), both performed by Mikuni Shimokawa. For the North American release, the series was licensed by ADV Films .

Where does Sousuke go in Full Metal Panic?

Kaname and Sousuke’s class go on a field trip to Okinawa, but Gauron, a terrorist operative, hijacks their plane and diverts it to a base near Lake Khanka in the USSR. The terrorists kidnap Kaname and subject her to scientific testing. Unable to bear the thought of her potential fate, Sousuke infiltrates the base and attempts to rescue Kaname.


List of Full Metal Panic! episodes
No. of episodes 24
Original release January 8 – June 18, 2002
Season chronology

Is Amagi Brilliant Park related to Full Metal Panic?

Amagi Brilliant Park is a ongoing comedy light novel series by Shoji Gatoh, creator of Full Metal Panic. …

Will there be a season 4 of Full Metal Panic?

Following the release of Season 3, the anime side of the franchise went cold for years but was revived again in 2018 by another anime studio called Xebec. After announcing the fourth season, Xebec released Season 4, titled Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory, on April 13, 2018.

How old is Moffle?

Confirmed by Moffle to be 24 years old in episode 10.

What is Bonta-Kun?

The first Bonta-kun is a modified costume which Sousuke stole from an amusement park to protect Kaname Chidori whilst under disguise. It is made of what seem to be spare AS parts which Sousuke collected sometime in the events of Fummofu!.

When did the first Full Metal Panic come out?

Tokyopop licensed the Full Metal Panic! series for North America release, publishing the first regular light novel on September 11, 2007. The latest released volume is the fourth on February 1, 2011, which is a compilation from the original fourth and fifth full length volumes from the series.

Is there going to be a Full Metal Panic manga?

On March 18, 2019, J-Novel Club announced that all the original 12 novels will be translated again and released in English. The Full Metal Panic! light novel series has been adapted to manga on multiple occasions. The first manga series: Full Metal Panic, was serialized in Monthly Comic Dragon by Retsu Tateo.

Who are the main characters in Full Metal Panic?

Chidori and Sousuke’s relationship was based on Japanese comedy due to how the two interact. In order to create a more interesting dynamic between the two leads, Gatoh wanted to change the ways Sagara and Chidori interact as he was tired of female characters requiring to be protected in the making for the light novels.

Who is Sousuke Sagara in Full Metal Panic?

(フルメタル·パニック!, Furumetaru Panikku!, often abbreviated to FMP!) is a series of light novels written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji. The series follows Sousuke Sagara, a member of the covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a hot-headed Japanese high school girl.