How long is the Coumshingaun hike?

How long is the Coumshingaun hike?

between 3 and 4.5 hours
How long is the Coumshingaun Loop Walk? You’ll want to allow between 3 and 4.5 hours to complete the Coumshingaun Loop Walk, depending on pace and how many times you stop to admire the views.

How do you pronounce Coumshingaun Lake?

After a quick look on the trusty Internet, I have found how to pronounce it, at least by the locals which is good enough for me (Academics argue over the pronunciation). I refer to this article where it says the pronunciation is Com Shin-aun so basically drop the g.

Can you swim in Coumshingaun?

Swimming in Coumshingaun Lake The sun was warm on our backs as we swam and the crystal clear water soothed our aching feet. When you’re lucky with the weather in Ireland it can sometimes feel like you’ve found paradise.

Where does Coumshingaun hike start?

Kilclooney Wood Car Park
The hike up to Lake Coumshingaun starts at Kilclooney Wood Car Park on the R676. The walk passes through a small but beautiful forest before going straight up into the mountain.

How tall is Coumshingaun?

The cliffs behind the lake rise straight up to an awe inspiring 365 metres (1200) feet vertically above the lake.

How long is the walk to Mahon Falls?

How long is the walk to Mahon Falls? Allow about 20 minutes each way. From the car park to the base of the falls is roughly 1.5 kms.

What is a COUM?

coum is an Latin word started with c. Here is the definition of coum in English coum coum, coi. neuter noun hole in middle of yoke in which pole fits; thong used to attach pole to yoke; Coum noun.

How do I get from Waterford to Coumshingaun Lake?

There is no direct connection from Waterford to Coumshingaun Lough. However, you can take the line 40 bus to Kilmacthomas, stop 216301 then take the taxi to Coumshingaun Lough. Alternatively, you can take the line 40 bus to Leamybrien, stop 216311 then take the taxi to Coumshingaun Lough.

How high is Coumshingaun Lake?

365 metres
The cliffs behind the lake rise straight up to an awe inspiring 365 metres (1200) feet vertically above the lake.

How deep is the Coumshingaun Lake?

Here is an ideal place to take in the magnificence of the great amphitheatre and bottle-shaped lake lying almost 400m below.

How high are the Comeragh Mountains?

792 m
Comeragh Mountains/Elevation

Comeragh Mountains, mountain range in County Waterford, Ireland, extending from the River Suir valley near Clonmel to the coastal lowland north of Stradbally. Their directional trend is northwest-southeast, and their peaks rise to elevations above 2,000 feet (600 m), with the highest point being 2,597 feet (792 m).

What does coumshingaun Lough look like in real life?

Absurdly picturesque, Coumshingaun looks like the sort of landscape that you’d find in a fantasy world video game or a Lord of the Rings-type film. So be prepared for some deadly views! But just because it has a Hollywood-ish quality to it, don’t underestimate the challenge.

Is the coumshingaun lake walk worth it?

The Coumshingaun lake walk is a demanding trek alright but a unique and thoroughly one. As mentioned above, make sure you’re well prepared for the walk to ensure that you’re ready for every weather condition and uneven surface.

How long does it take to walk coumshingaun Lough?

With the cliffs behind the lake rising up to 1,200 ft, this can be a demanding walk at times and should take around 4 hours to complete. There is a shorter version available that takes between 2 and 2 and a half hours but we’d recommend taking on the full Coumshingaun Loop Walk for the most rewarding experience. 2. Is it difficult?

Which is the best way to walk coumshingaun?

Gaining this requires a conversation-killing effort, but once established on the rocky ridge top, the scrambling is undemanding. Afterwards, it’s pleasantly elevated walking above the great gullies that tumble abruptly towards Coumshingaun’s lonesome curl of water far below.