How is the 1940 census different than the ones that followed it?

How is the 1940 census different than the ones that followed it?

Census records are the only records that describe the entire population of the United States on a particular day. The 1940 census is no different. Some questions asked in earlier years were moved to the supplemental census, a 5 percent sampling of the population (or two people listed on every page of the census).

What were the questions on the 1940 census?

Many of the questions on the 1940 census are the standard ones: name, age, gender, and race, education, and place of birth….Household Data:

  • Number of household in order of visitation.
  • Home owned (O) or rented (R).
  • Value of home, if owned, or monthly rental, if rented.
  • Does this household live on a farm? (Yes or No).

Where was No.609 Squadron based during World War 2?

The squadron spent the first months of the war in the north, before moving to the south-east in May 1940. The squadron helped cover the evacuation from Dunkirk. It was based at Middle Wallop (No.10 Group) for the entire Battle of Britain, and remained in the south over the winter of 1940-41.

When was the Royal Air Force 609 formed?

No. 609 Squadron was formed on 10 February 1936 at RAF Yeadon, now Leeds Bradford International Airport, as the ninth of the 21 flying squadrons of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

When did 609 Squadron move to Church Fenton?

In 1951, 609 Squadron re-equipped with jet fighter aircraft, the Gloster Meteor, and moved back to Church Fenton in order to take advantage of the longer runway. At this time, 19 regular squadrons and 10 reserve squadrons of Meteors formed Britains main fighter defense.

When did the 1940 US Census come out?

The 1940 census records were released by the US National Archives April 2, 2012, and brought online through a partnership with This website allows you full access to the 1940 census images, in addition to 1940 census maps and descriptions.