How hard is the pursuer?

How hard is the pursuer?

Like most things , Pursuer gets easier the more you practice battling him. He’s a noob wrecker at first since he’s pretty fast, relentless , hits hard and even circle strafe isn’t an ‘I win’ button due to the same hitbox/tracking BS that plagues most DS2 enemies.

Can you poison pursuer?

He can be poisoned before he exits his spawn animation in Iron Keep (It took 4 lb hits with power-stanced Poison Caestus, which you should have more than enough time to do). When he does the Overhead swing, it is best to roll towards him.

How to break out of the pursuer-Distancer cycle?

The first thing the pursuer needs to do is to find ways to stop the pursuit. Because pursuing is typically a way for the pursuer to seek external soothing from others, it is important that she learns ways in which she can meet her own emotional needs. She needs to put more energy into her own life and to develop her own separate interests.

What’s the best way to kill the pursuer?

Having two weapons at your disposal is a good way to poison him then switch to your more powerful weapon, Poison Ricard’s Rapier +10 with two strong attacks will poison him, hence then switching to your main weapon for further damage is a good strategy. At the start of the fight, you have time before he fully materializes to initiate a poison.

What happens if you get cursed by the pursuer?

It is possible to avoid getting cursed if the player is killed by the initial lunge. If the player is successfully Cursed by this move, the Pursuer will get a power boost, evidenced by its glowing, red eyes and a black mist surrounding it. This allows the Pursuer to release Dark orbs that homes in on the player.

When do you Drop the soul of the pursuer?

Drops Soul of the Pursuer Ring of Blades Souls: 17,000 (Standard Game) 34,000 (NG+) Souls: 19,000 (If killed when you encounter him on the platform next to the shortcut to the cardinal tower bonfire in SotFS)