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How does the film The Lunchbox end?

How does the film The Lunchbox end?

Saajan returned to Mumbai from Nasik intending to catch her before she slips out from his hands forever. However, whether they met or not was shown in the movie. The ending sequence showed Saajan riding a train car with the dabbawalas while Ila was also on a train, albeit a different one, with her daughter.

Is Lunchbox a true story?

A true story of a father’s loyalty and love and his daughter’s lunchbox is the inspiration for next month’s Japanese film screening at Massey University’s Auckland campus.

What is the story of lunchbox movie?

Lonely housewife Ila (Nimrat Kaur) decides to try adding some spice to her stale marriage by preparing a special lunch for her neglectful husband. Unfortunately, the delivery goes astray and winds up in the hands of Saajan (Irrfan Khan), an irritable widower. Curious about her husband’s lack of response, Ila adds a note to the next day’s lunchbox, and thus begins an unusual friendship in which Saajan and Ila can talk about their joys and sorrows without ever meeting in person.
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Why is The Lunchbox movie famous?

Irrfan Khan, the film’s star, said in an interview that “The Lunchbox” is the most important film to emerge from Bollywood in decades, because it is the first by an Indian director to win international acclaim.

What is the message of lunchbox?

1. Saajan and Ila get their happy ending, the one we all hoped for. This is the ending most people were hoping for. As Saajan accompanies the dabbawalas to find Ila’s house, he finds her just in time and is able to convince her to not go to Bhutan.

Is the lunchbox Bollywood?

The film was released in India on 20 September 2013. The film was a box-office success. It was Irrfan Khan’s highest-grossing Hindi film, until it was surpassed by Hindi Medium (2017)….

The Lunchbox
Languages Hindi
Budget ₹22 crore
Box office ₹28.25 crore

What does the term lunchbox mean?

A container for transporting meals, especially lunch. A small, lightweight container used to carry meals from home to school or work. noun. 1. (slang) A person or object constantly at one’s side (in the manner of a lunchbox).

What is the climax of lunchbox?

Is lunchbox worth watching?

Great story line, effortless performances, definitely worth a watch! ‘The Lunchbox’ is based on such a story surrounding the dabbawalas of Mumbai.

Is there a sequel to the lunch box?

Rain King: A sequel to The Lunch Box: Brown, D. P.: 9781494983550: Amazon.com: Books.

Is the lunchbox worth watching?

Why is it called Lunchbox wax?

LunchboxWax is in the business of ripping people’s hair out, so to me it made complete sense to create a playful, smart name that didn’t take itself too seriously. I landed on the name because it genuinely has two meanings: you can come in on your lunch hour and receive your speed wax, and still have time for lunch.