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How do you trigger Quiet cutscenes?

How do you trigger Quiet cutscenes?

This scene can be unlocked after completing mission 30. Quiet must be in the helicopter with the player when they return to Mother Base, and the player’s bond with her must be above 80%. The bond with Quiet can be increased by going on missions with her. Her behaviour will also change as the bond value goes up.

How do I unlock quiet shower scene?

  1. Get max bond with quiet.
  2. 2.In any side op or mission bring quiet.
  3. Get in a dumpster and smoke multiple phantom cigarettes.
  4. Smoke until you see flies flying around you.
  5. Go back to mother base and the cutscene will be triggered.

Which is the Forty fifth mission in Metal Gear Solid V?

The forty-fifth mission of Metal Gear Solid V does not become available automatically. Unlocking it is quite tricky and the procedure has been described below. There are two important pieces of information to it: Mission 45 is the last one featuring Quiet.

What’s the difference between Mission 45 and 46?

Mission 45 is the ending that ends Quiet’s storyline, while mission 46 is the “true” ending with the biggest twist in the game. This guide will tell you how to unlock these two missions but there might be some spoilers included You must have spared Quiet at the end of mission 11, and then recruit her as a buddy.

Are there any cutscenes in Metal Gear Phantom Pain?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is often criticized for its lack of cutscenes compared to previous games. And I agree, partly because I love what’s already there.

What are the last requirements for Metal Gear Solid?

The last requirement is that you have to see Emmerich being expelled from the Mother Base. After you meet all the requirements, complete main and side missions until Miller tells you to come to the Mother Base. When the cutscene is over, you will find out that Quiet has gone missing.