How do you tell if my transmission is a 727?

How do you tell if my transmission is a 727?

You can easily identify an A-727 by its oddly shaped 14-bolt oil pan. The A-727 uses a paper fluid filter and has two transmission bands, one for reverse, and the other is a kickdown band. All shift ratios were 2.54:1 for first gear, 1.45:1 for second gear and 1.0:1 for third gear. Reverse gear is 2.21:1.

How much does a 904 transmission weigh?

Trans and torque converter are around 125lbs (55-60kg).

Is a 727 transmission good?

When speaking of automatic transmissions, the Chrysler A-727 or TorqueFlite 8 units are not only easy to find because of their many years of use, but they are also very strong and can be used in many performance and non-Chrysler applications, as well.

Is the 904 transmission good for drag racing?

Although not up to the high horsepower levels that the 727 can handle, the 904- otherwise known as a TF-6, has long been a popular performance transmission. When correctly set up, the 904 is an ideal platform for street & strip and NHRA class cars, and has been known to go for many years of drag racing with not much more than a basic freshen-up.

What kind of engine does a 904 have?

Popular among hot rodders in smaller and lighter compact vehicles, the Torqueflite 904 automatic transmission is known for its compact, lightweight characteristics and fuel efficient capabilities. The standard duty 904 was typically married to small block and 4 and 6-cylinder engines such as the 318, 360, 273, or 225 Slant Six.

What are the 904 high peformance transmission parts?

#TF-2. REPROGRAMMING KIT / SHIFT KIT, TRANSGO TF-2, FOR 727 / 904, 1960-UP 100 Inch Speedometer Cable, 5/8 nut on top / 7/8 nut on bottom. 173 Inch Speedometer Cable Repair Kit. 20” Speedometer Cable extension, 5/8 nut on top / 7/8 nut on bottom. 20” Speedometer cable extension, 7/8 top female / 7/8 bottom nut.

Is there a 727 / 904 TorqueFlite service kit?

727 torqueflite service kit -includes… Pump to case gasket for 727 Torqueflite… 727 Extension Housing to Case Gasket 1962… 904 Extension Housing to Case Gasket 1960… 727 Custom Output Shaft Bearing Cover… 727 Output Shaft Bearing Cover Gasket. This… 727 / 904 Neutral Start switch gasket /…