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How do you say colors in German?

How do you say colors in German?

How To Name And Pronounce Colors In German

  1. the color — die Farbe.
  2. red — rot.
  3. orange — orange.
  4. yellow — gelb.
  5. green — grün.
  6. blue — blau.
  7. light blue — hellblau.
  8. dark blue — dunkelblau.

What color is violet in German?


die Farbe the colour
lila purple
violett violet
weiß white
grau grey

What color is Gleb?


From To Via
• gelb → yellow ↔ jaunecouleur)

What is the German word for orange?

Orange, orangefarben, orangenfarben, orangefarbig, orangenfarbig, orangen: Find some more examples of “orange” and other colors on Yabla German to see how they are used in a real-world context.

How do you say yellow in German?

Yellow = gelb [ɡɛlp] (gelp) White = weiß [vaɪs] (vice)

Is rot a color?

Then learn German at a Language School in Germany!…

black schwarz (shvahrts)
red rot (roht)
blue blau (blou) – rhymes with “cow”
yellow gelb (gelp)
green grün (gruun)

How do Germans use Colours?

You’ll learn that the colors in “feeling blue” or “seeing red” may not mean the same thing in German. A black eye in German is ” blau” (blue)….Farben (Colors)

Farbe Color Color Phrases with Adjective Endings
grün green der grüne Hut (the green hat)
gelb yellow die gelben Seiten (yellow pages), ein gelbes Auto

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