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How do you remove marks from Amtico flooring?

How do you remove marks from Amtico flooring?

Staining. Blot up spillage with absorbent paper and wash with diluted Amtico International Floor Cleaner. Use a wet non-scratch scouring pad if necessary then rub remaining stain with turpentine. Leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water.

What is the difference between Amtico and Spacia?

Amtico Signature is our premium, made-to-order collection of design-led products, with an exclusive selection of Designers’ Choice laying patterns. Amtico Spacia is a focused collection of flooring featuring versatile, trend-led colours and sizes which are quick to specify and install.

What is Amtico stripping?

Amtico stripping is a feature strip that can divide your floor tiles using complimentary or contrasting designs, and allows you to create a bespoke flooring appearance.

Can Amtico be lifted and relaid?

Once F500 is dried a light sand over applied skim coat may be required, apply adhesive from supplier being pressure sensitive or Amtico SF acrylic, fit new Amtico from supplier, sadly you cannot use old Amtico as will be miss shaped due to uplifting and never goes back down again.

Can you use steam mop on Amtico?

To keep your Amtico floor looking good for longer and perfectly pristine, follow these simple steps: Use furniture cups, felt pads, castors or glides to help reduce the risk of scratching and marking your Amtico floor. Avoid using steam mops to clean the floor as these can cause damage to the products.

Is Amtico signature worth the money?

Amtico Signature is a superior quality product in comparison to Amtico Spacia and therefore naturally carries a higher price tag. As is usually the case, you get what you pay for and if your budget allows you to opt for the Signature range then we would always recommend it.

Is Amtico worth the money?

Amtico is positioned somewhere around engineered wood and tiling in price terms, but it’s a quality product that comes with plenty of benefits, so is definitely one to consider.

How do you protect Amtico flooring?

Use felt pads or furniture glides to protect the floor and add castor cups to spread loads and prevent indentations. Visit or call 0121 745 0800 to find your nearest stockist of Amtico Floorcare products.

Can Amtico be laid on chipboard?

Chipboard, Hardboard, Particleboard Tiles should not be adhered directly to such subfloors whether they are free floating or fixed, and floors should always be overlaid with plywood prior to installation of tiles.

Does Amtico flooring need underlay?

We recommend Amtico International Underlay-19 is used for installing Amtico Click, as it will take out minor surface imperfections and make the floor quieter underfoot. However, the use of underlay is unnecessary if the substrate is good quality and sound insulation is not required.

What do you need to know about the Amtico Spacia collection?

Effortless style is the essence of Amtico Spacia, a collection offering a stunning selection of Wood, Stone and Abstract floors. Simply choose a colour, shape and laying pattern and look forward to years of beautiful flooring. Cool or warm, rustic or elegant, discover the wood that works for your space.

How many strips of Amtico do you need?

Probably the most widely used Amtico feature stripping now back in stock. You will need approx 8 of these strips per square metre of 12″ x 12″ tiles. This Amtico border has solid Grey Ecru inserts and Mirabelle Creme background.

How to choose the best Amtico for your home?

Simply choose a colour, shape and laying pattern and look forward to years of beautiful flooring. Cool or warm, rustic or elegant, discover the wood that works for your space. The enduring beauty of stone will bring natural style to your home.

What can you do with an Amtico border?

Bring a focal point and individuality to a space with an Amtico motif. Simple or elaborate, art-deco or gothic, define a floor with an Amtico border. If you’re looking for inspiration check out our case studies, blogs and galleries. Our trusted experts are ready to help.