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How do you raise the water in Skyview Temple?

How do you raise the water in Skyview Temple?

Drop down and crawl through it to find a pink switch above the large statue. Hit the switch with a shot from your trusty Slingshot and the temple will be filled with more water.

How do I lower the water in Skyview Temple?

Skyview Temple (1st Visit) Story Walkthrough

  1. Head down the stairs then activate the Red Crystal.
  2. Unlock the one-eyed Eye Door to proceed.
  3. Activate the Red Crystal above the east door and enter the east room.
  4. Activate the Red Crystal in this room to raise the water level.
  5. Return to the central room.

How do you get past the waterfall in Skyward Sword?

The Pink Fairy horde gives away the waterfall with the Sacred Water. Stand here and use your Empty Bottle to snatch some water up. You will be returned to the temple entrance after getting the Sacred Water. Fly into the sky and then land at the Floria Waterfall Bird Statue.

Where can I find sacred water?

Sacred Water is pure water found only at the Skyview Spring. After being attacked by Ghirahim,Faron must heal in a basin of Sacred Water.

How do you get past the Skyview Temple?

Hack through the spiderwebs as you head down the hall. You’ll eventually come to a vine-covered ledge with a Deku Baba at the top. Stun it with your slingshot, and then climb up. Whack the crystal there to unlock the door.

How do I hit ghirahim?

Hold your shield out and use the nunchuk jab to repulse Ghirahim when he runs into you. Then, swipe at him a bit. If you lose your shield, however, you’ll have to use a Spin Attack or regular swipes to hit him. Occasionally Ghirahim will warp in close to you with his sword raised.

How do you collect sacred water?

This water is located on the second left of the goddess statue and can be easily found by using your dowsing ability. Next, use an empty bottle at the bottom of this waterfall to collect the sacred water. The scared water can be found at the bottom of this waterfall.

Where is the water dragon in Skyward Sword?

Lake Floria
You’ll unlock your first Trial Gate in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD’s Faron Woods, leading you to Farore’s Silent Realm. And then you’ll head to Lake Floria, where you’ll meet the Water Dragon Faron.

Can links swim in Skyward Sword?

Link will dive down, and you can now swim on all four directions—up, down, left, or right—by tapping the A button. Note that you can only dive underwater once you have the Water Dragon’s Scale, which can be obtained by completing the “The Silent Realm – Faron Woods” quest during the earlier stages of the game.

How do you get to the temple in Skyward Sword?

Once you enter the Temple, walk down the corridor, defeating some enemies in the process. There are some large spider webs that block your path, so you’ll have to use precision sword slashes to cut through them. Continue down the corridor, slashing down a number of trees as well as some keese.

How to get into the ancient cistern in Zelda Skyward Sword?

Walk out on the lotus leaf root pads and wait for one to drop. Whack it to the side to get it spinning and then stab its stomach twice. You can also cut their web with the Beetle to make them fall into the water. Shoot the Walltula with your Slingshot and then climb the vines in the southeast corner.

How to open the Skyward Sword in Lake Floria?

To open it you need to raise a Skyward Strike in front of it and then draw a circle where one is missing. This complete design can be found by the Viewing Platform on the ground in the far north if you need a reference. You can collect a Red Rupee before diving into the lake far below. Let the current drag you into the caves of Lake Floria.

How do you defeat the water variety in Skyward Sword?

These are water varieties and you can defeat them by performing a water dash. Swimming around to the front of the structure you’ll see the two hands, both of which have silver rupees hovering over the base of the hands. Perform a dash attack to grab the rupees before the hands can close.