How do you put professional training on a resume?

How do you put professional training on a resume?

Consider adding a dedicated section to it. You could call it Professional Development, Additional Training or something similar. With this method, you call attention to all of the valuable skills you didn’t learn in college without pushing them directly into the spotlight.

What HR looks for in a candidate?

The foremost quality HR managers look for in a candidate is his/her ability to endure an unpleasant situation. Since turnovers can be expensive for the company, HR prefers to hire a person who has high commitment levels and can stick long. This is the most important characterstic to identify in a candidate.

How do I make sure I get the job during an interview?

Prepare Yourself. Research the company before your interview, so you can impress your interviewers with your knowledge. Arrive Early. Dress Appropriately. Exhibit Positive Body Language. Show Enthusiasm. Sell Yourself. Effectively Address Areas of Concern. Ask Intelligent Questions.