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How do you make goats milk soap without lye?

How do you make goats milk soap without lye?

If you have goat milk to use but you prefer soap making without lye, adding milk – no more than one tablespoon per pound of melt and pour base – is simple and easy. You can also add powdered or condensed goat milk at the same rate – one tablespoon per pound of base.

Can soap be made without lye?

The main way that you can make soap without handling lye is by using melt-and-pour soap. Melt-and-pour soap comes in all types. Clear glycerin soap, creamy goat milk soap, palm-oil free, the list goes on. Melt-and-pour soap can also be a detergent, so watch out for the ingredients.

How do you make soap for sensitive skin without lye?

No-Lye Sensitive Soap Recipe

  1. 1 lb Sulfate-free clear Melt & Pour Soap (get in the UK)
  2. 1.5 tsp (7.5ml) Calendula infused sweet almond oil.
  3. 1 tsp (5g) Shea butter.
  4. 1 tsp Chamomile essential oil (optional)
  5. Silicone mold – This is the one I use.

What do you need to make goats milk soap?

Ingredients: Palm oil, 4.6 oz; coconut oil, 8 oz; olive oil, 12.8 oz; castor oil, 4.6 oz; sodium hydroxide, 4.15 oz; distilled water, 6 oz.; goat milk, 6 oz. Optional: 1.5 – 2 oz. fragrance or essential oils.

Is there Lye in goats milk soap?

Even goat milk liquid soap uses potassium hydroxide (a form of lye) instead of the sodium hydroxide (lye) that is used to make bar-soap. However, to make any soap, lye is a necessary ingredient.

What is a substitute for lye?

A common home alternative to lye when making pretzels or bagels is to use a baking soda solution.

Does all soap have lye?

All REAL soap is made with lye (sodium hydroxide mixed with liquid). Any skin or hair cleansing product made without sodium hydroxide is not soap, it is detergent.

How do you make homemade lye soap?


  1. Weigh the Water and Lye. Put a container on the kitchen scale and zero out the weight.
  2. Add Lye to Water. Slowly add the lye to the pitcher of water (not the water to the lye), being careful not to splash.
  3. Cool the Lye Mixture.
  4. Weigh and Melt the Oils.
  5. Add Lye to Oils.
  6. Add Fragrance Oil.
  7. Mold the Soap.

Does goat milk soap whiten skin?

Goat milk soaps contains alpha hydro-acids, high proteins and vitamins that are well known for whitening, softening and rejuvenating the skin and its medicinal qualities prevent skin allergies, winter itches, eczema and psoriasis thus giving you the complete skincare you need.

What makes a good goat milk soap?

Another way to make goat’s milk soap is to use powdered goat’s milk. Many people swear that fresh goat’s milk is by far the best, but in its absence using a high-quality powdered goat’s milk should work just fine. Since it’s a lot easier, many people prefer it!

How we got into goat milk soap?

Using Powdered Goat’s Milk Mix up Powdered Milk. Check with the vendor of the milk you’re buying to find out the concentration, then add enough powdered milk to make the same amount as if Combine Oil and Milk. As you are measuring your oils, separate 2 or 3 ounces of oil and mix the milk into it with a whisk. Make Soap as Normal. Pour Into Molds.

What are the ingredients in goat milk?

Ingredients: 10.2 Oz Distilled Water 10.2 Oz Raw Goat Milk (you can use frozen milk, just let it thaw) 1.2 Oz Emulsifying Wax 3.5 Oz Oils (below is what I use) 2.7 Oz Coconut Oil. .8 Oz Almond Oil 1.2 Oz Shea Butter .3 Oz Optiphen (a preservative that keeps mold and other yuck from growing) .2 Oz Essential Oils

How do you make goat milk shampoo?

Directions to Make Goat Milk Shampoo Bars. Place the frozen goat’s milk and water in a heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel bowl. Wearing protective gloves and eyewear, carefully sprinkle a small amount of lye at a time over the frozen milk, stirring well after each addition. The entire process will take several minutes,…