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How do you make a good deck in clash of clans?

How do you make a good deck in clash of clans?

How to build a winning Clash Royale deck

  1. In order to win, first choose your win condition.
  2. Effective counters and superb support.
  3. Know your spells.
  4. To build or not to build.

What should my clash Royale deck be?

It should be high enough level to be strong in your current arena. Some good win condition cards include: Hog Rider, Ram Rider, Electro Giant, Royal Giant, Balloon, X-Bow, Miner, Mega Knight Golem, Graveyard, Sparky, and Three Musketeers. There are many more possible win conditions.

How do I get better at Clash Royale?

Short version

  1. DO NOT leak elixir. If you wait on 10 elixir while your opponent plays, you’re giving him the advantage.
  2. Don’t activate the king.
  3. Don’t just drop units at the bridge.
  4. Defend on your side of the arena.
  5. Don’t overcommit on defense, space out your troops.

Is Pekka a win condition?

P.E.K.K.A.: This is your main win condition. Always support this big dude. Its damage with support can translate into overwhelming pushes.

What is a good average elixir cost?

An average elixir cost of about 4 is a good target, so in this case it’s OK to go with the giant!

What is Pekka bridge spam?

Bridge Spam. Defending with P.E.K.K.A. then build a counter push around her to overwhelm your opponent. Defending with P.E.K.K.A. then split push to disrupt your opponents defence plan.

What is a war deck?

The deck is divided evenly among the players, giving each a down stack. In unison, each player reveals the top card of their deck—this is a “battle”—and the player with the higher card takes both of the cards played and moves them to their stack. If the two cards played are of equal value, then there is a “war”.

What’s the worst legendary in Clash Royale?

the Magic Archer
Number 15: pretty obviously, the Magic Archer is the worst legendary, and not just that, but one of the worst cards in the game! With its very low attack and HP, and the only thing it can brag being its longer arrows, it deserves a rank demotion.

Where can I find base plans for Clash of clans?

We regularly add the new plans on the web-site. On the web-site clashofclans-layouts.com you can see the most efficacious base plans for the game of Clash of Clans. We’ve tried to make this web-site the most handy and useful possible. For this reason we keep an eye on the upgrades of this game and regularly add the new variants of planning.

Is there a deck shop for Clash Royale?

Updated New Meta! The best Clash Royale decks right now. Check back soon, the meta evolves. Did you know? Deck Shop is still my personal project. There are no investors or outside capital.

How to get a PDF of a deck plan?

To see the full design of any particular deck, simply click into the design you like to see the full suite of blueprints as well as the PDF version. Our designs are detailed and include step-by-step drawings as well as full materials lists. Thanks for visiting and we hope our comprehensive designs help you with building your deck.

How big of a deck can I build for free?

Our first free deck design is a basic 12 X 16 foot deck with footings and a short staircase. Check back soon for more deck plans. Also, check out our gallery of 68 deck designs for inspiration. Our second deck plan is a 12′ x 16′ wooden deck that is flat on the ground. It’s much like a patio but built as a deck.