How do you get the John Smith texture pack?

How do you get the John Smith texture pack?

How To Download & Install the John Smith Legacy Texture Pack in Minecraft

  1. Step 1) Download The John Smith Legacy Resource Pack.
  2. Step 2) Open Up Minecraft & Find The ‘Resource Pack’ Section.
  3. Step 3) Install John Smith Legacy.
  4. Step 4) Select The John Smith Legacy Resource Pack.
  5. Step 5) Have Fun & Enjoy John Smith Legacy!

What resolution is John Smith Legacy?

? What resolution does John Smith Legacy have in Minecraft? In general there is a 32×32 resolution, but for Minecraft version 1.12 there is also a John Smith Legacy 64×64 edition available for download.

How do you get the John Smith Legacy texture pack on ps4?

Q4: How do I select the Resource Pack?

  1. Run the Minecraft Launcher, log in and press the Play button.
  2. On the Minecraft title screen select “Options”.
  3. Select “Resource Packs” (bottom left).
  4. Then select “John Smith Legacy JSC 1.16. 1 v3” (or whatever the latest version is).

Is there a John Smith texture pack for Minecraft?

Basically both texture packs are intended for Vanilla Minecraft, but on GitHub you’ll find several edits that are intended for Minecraft mod packs. You can find this project under the name “John Smith Modded”. Each mod has different blocks and items in Minecraft.

How to download the John Smith Legacy Pack?

Click on the official download links for the John Smith Legacy Pack for Minecraft. Complete the following steps in Minecraft. After you start Minecraft, go to “Options”>”Resource Packs”>”Open Resource Packs”. Copy the pack and paste it. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the Resource Pack folder.

Who is the author of the John Smith pack?

Here’s all the alternate textures made by the original author of the John Smith pack (texture sheets and sliced individual textures).

What kind of textures does John Smith legacy use?

John Smith Legacy is the more traditional John Smith Style, JimStoneCraft Edition (JSC), uses the smooth cobblestone, ores and lots of other personal tweaks to virtually all the textures.