How do you get the Addictive Keys from Focusrite?

How do you get the Addictive Keys from Focusrite?

1) Please go to the Focusrite site and either log in or create an account and register your product. Click on ‘My Software’ and you will see the XLN Addictive Keys offer banner. 2) The link will direct you to a page to choose a product and create an account.

Does Addictive Keys work in FL Studio?

Re: Updated to 20 now Addictive Keys not working Sebastian Dragonheart wrote: Yes, the controller will play everything else, just not AK anymore. It works in the stand alone version, just not in FL 20. It worked fine in FL 12.

Where are the addictive keys on XLN audio?

After the installation is complete, the standalone version of Addictive Keys will appear in the Programs Folder in the Start Menu (Windows) or Applications Folder (OS X) in the “XLN Audio” folder. Run the application and click on the [Audio Settings] button in the top left corner to set up the audio output and input port for the MIDI keyboard.

What are the addictive keys on a keyboard?

Addictive Keys (aka AK) turns its attention from sticks and skins to ivories and strings — and indeed hammers and tines — with a product that aims to give keyboard players extensive creative control over its sounds.

What kind of piano does XLN audio use?

For this initial release, three instruments are available: Studio Grand and Modern Upright acoustic pianos, and a Mark One Fender Rhodes electric piano, which are purchasable separately or as a bundle with a price break. A free demo of the Studio Grand can be downloaded from XLN’s web site.

What’s the middle range of the XLN keys?

The all-important mid-range from C#3 (C3 being middle C) to C4 and the F#2 to A#2 cluster are distinctly muted, with very little timbral variation, lending an excessively spongy feel, while certain notes (C3, B2, F2, E2, D#2, D2, B1) stick out like sore thumbs, even at moderately low velocities.