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How do you get special attack EVs in Heartgold?

How do you get special attack EVs in Heartgold?

Psyduck and Golduck both give Special Attack EVs and can be found while surfing in Route 6 (levels 5–10), Ilex Forest (levels 5–20), or Route 35 (levels 10–25). Psyduck gives 1 Special Attack EV and appears 90% of the time at those locations while Golduck gives 2 Special Attack and appears 10% of the time.

What special attack gives EVs?

But before we go into that, here are the Pokémon that give out a stat-specific EV point and is an easy battle.

  • HP – Skwovet (Route 1)
  • Attack – Chewtle (Route 2 Lakeside)
  • Defense – Rolycoly (Galar Mine/Giant’s Cap)
  • Special Attack – Gastly (Watchtower Ruins)
  • Special Defense – Gossifleur (Route 3)

Where can I EV train attacks in Johto?

Union Cave
Johto: Probably the best places in Johto to do Defense EV training is Union Cave. In Union cave, you can fight Sandshrew and Geodude, as well as the rare Onix, while running away from Zubat, Rattata and Wooper.

Where can I EV train SS?

To start EV training, players need to access the post-game and win some Battle Points, or BP, from the Battle Tower. Players then need to go to the BP seller in the central Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke and purchase the Power items.

How do you know when to stop EV training?

You stop when your pokemon reaches their max EV [510 or 508 however you prefer to look at it]. So it could be at level 30 or level 80, 92, 56, etc…

Where do you get EV’s in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Cerulean City and Routes 4, 24, and 25, Goldeen (90%) and Seaking (10%) can both be found while surfing. Goldeen gives 1 Attack EV while Seaking gives 2 Attack EVs.

How many EVS do you get in special attack?

Below is a list of all the Pokémon that yield Effort Points (EVs) in Special Attack. Many Pokémon provide EVs in multiple stats – these are noted where applicable.

How many eV points can you get in HeartGold?

Each Pokemon can earn 510 EV points in total. Each individual stat (Defense, Special Attack, Speed, etc.) can have up to 255 EV points allocated to it. Though in practical terms, you should go for 252 EV points if you want to max out a stat, since 255 is not divisible by four.

Which is harder to EV train Charizard or HeartGold?

A Pokemon like Charizard is a little tougher to EV train since its stats are more balanced. Its base stats for Special Attack and Attack are only 23 points apart. For situations like these, you’ll want to think about the kinds of moves you want to give your Pokemon and use EV training to maximize their effectiveness.