How do you fix a leaking Aqualisa shower?

How do you fix a leaking Aqualisa shower?

How to Fix Aqualisa Shower Leaking from Bottom

  1. Things You’ll Need. Screwdriver.
  2. Step 1: Shut Off the Main Water Supply.
  3. Step 2: Disassemble the Shower Handle.
  4. Step 3: Remove the Cartridge.
  5. Step 4: Replace the O-rings.
  6. Step 5: Reassemble Everything.

Why does my shower head leak when the water is off?

Over time, shower heads are prone to accumulate lime and other mineral deposits that clog the holes. You can suspect this is the issue if the shower head drips after you turn off the water, but eventually stops. It’s likely the head is holding water and is unable to drain quickly.

How do I stop my Aqualisa quartz shower dripping?

The problem is in the mixer valves so we need to disassemble the valves and re-grease the valve parts.

  1. First things first, turn off the mains electrical power.
  2. Turn off the hot and cold water.
  3. Remove the one screw securing the cover and remove the cover. (
  4. Unplug the four connectors at the bottom of the Logic Module. (

How do you remove Aqualisa shower valve?

The external covers and knobs can be removed relatively easily by simply pulling them off. Depending on the particular model, you may need to use your flat screwdriver here as a lever to prise them away from the valve.

How long are Aqualisa showers guaranteed for?

a 1 year
Aqualisa products are covered by a 1 year guarantee period. Please find the guarantee period below if you register your product: Please note that all non-domestic applications and non-registered products are covered by a 1 year guarantee period only.

How do I stop my shower from leaking?

  1. Gather Tools and Materials.
  2. Turn Off the Water Supply and Open the Faucet.
  3. Remove the Handle Cap, Handle and Faceplate.
  4. Remove the Locking Clip.
  5. Remove and Replace the Cartridge.
  6. Replace Other Parts and Test.
  7. Remove the Metal Stem in a Shower Faucet with Two Handles.
  8. Replace the Metal Stem if Needed.

Do Aqualisa showers need servicing?

We offer a servicing pack to our Smart digital Showers and Aquastream Thermostatic Showers. Both options above are supplied with a 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty on the parts replaced.

Are Aqualisa showers worth the money?

The Aqualisa Quartz 10.5kw Electric Shower design was proved to be an impressively reliable product, worth every penny – at just under a modest £270. This shower comes in a selection of colours – graphite, chrome as well as white and chrome – one of the 3 colours will definitely compliment your bathroom’s interior.

Why does my shower leak only sometimes?

Why Does My Shower Leak Only Sometimes? A random or intermittent shower leak can be a plumbing problem caused by a hole in the water pipes. Cracks in the grout or tile along the shower wall or floor may also be the culprit. If not, then this could be causing the recurrent leak.

Why is my Aqualisa thermostatic shower leaking?

Similar to some of the other stories here, my Aqualisa Aquarian thermostatic shower was leaking. To be more specific, despite being off, it started as a drip through the shower head, then after a few weeks became more constant. I removed the outer covers and the on/off knob.

Is there a warranty on an Aqualisa shower?

Rob, your shower will be covered by the 3 (used to be 5) year warranty – just call Aqualisa and they will send an engineer round completely FOC. You may need to fax or email your NHBC certificate if the builder ‘forgot’ to register the shower when installed. I have this same problem …..these Aquarian showers are dud.

What should I do if my Aqualisa shower is dripping?

I need to fix a dripping Aqualisa 609 thermostatic shower mixer. I thought I could just fit a new washer/seal but am being told I need a complete new cartridge at £70+ ish!! Anyone know what my options are? Also is it an easy job to swap out the cartridge? I need to fix a dripping Aqualisa 609 thermostatic shower mixer.

Where do you find the model on an Aqualisa shower?

The majority of Aqualisa showers do not have a name or model written on them but if you have an Aqualisa electric shower, the model will be inscribed on the front cover or possibly on the Aqualisa badge. Alternatively you can contact our Customer Care team by e-mail and attach some photographs of the product for us to identify.