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How do you find the slope and y-intercept of Y 4?

How do you find the slope and y-intercept of Y 4?

Remember the standard linear equation: y=mx+b. The variables ‘mx’ represent the slope of a linear line meaning in the equation y=4, there is no slope, or a slope of 0. The y-intercept can easily be determined in this equation because the straight line falls on 4, the number equal to y in the equation.

Is C the y-intercept in standard form?

Standard form is another way to write slope-intercept form (as opposed to y=mx+b). It is written as Ax+By=C. You can also change slope-intercept form to standard form like this: Y=-3/2x+3. Next, you isolate the y-intercept(in this case it is 3) like this: Add 3/2x to each side of the equation to get this: 3/2x+y=3.

What’s the y-intercept of y =- 4?

1 Expert Answer The line crosses the y axis (the y-intercept, where x=0) at y=4. The point (0,4). Since it is a horizontal line, y = 4 no matter what value x has. y = (2/3)x + 0 has a y-intercept of (0,0) and rises 2 values of y for every 3 value increases in x.

How do you calculate slope and y intercept?

In general, the slope intercept form assumes the formula: y = mx + b. b is the y -intercept ( lesson on the y-intercept ) mnemonic : ‘b’ means where the line begins. Examples. y = 5x + 3 is an example of the Slope Intercept Form and represents the equation of a line with a slope of 5 and and a y-intercept of 3.

What does y represent in slope intercept formula?

Slope intercept form gets straight to the point: y = mx + b . m represents the slope of a line; b represents the y-intercept of a line; x and y represent the ordered pairs throughout a line; Learn how to solve for y in linear equations with single and multiple step solving.

How do you convert slope intercept form to standard form?

Converting from slope intercept form to standard form takes little more than basic arithmetic. To convert from slope intercept form y = mx + b to standard form Ax + By + C = 0, let m = A/B, collect all terms on the left side of the equation and multiply by the denominator B to get rid of the fraction.

How can you go from slope intercept to standard form?

then B will equal 1.

  • Multiply Both Sides of the Equation by the Denominator B. What is the equation in standard form?
  • 2 x From Both Sides of the Equation
  • Multiply Both Sides by the Denominator of the Fraction. What is the equation of the line in standard form?