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How do you document a tunneling wound?

How do you document a tunneling wound?

To measure tunneling, insert the cotton tip application into the tunnel. Grab the applicator at the wound edge and measure it again the ruler. The clock method is also used as reference when documenting the location of the tunnel.

How do you close a tunneling wound?

Measures to Optimize Tunnel Closure Soft-tipped irrigation cannulas can be used to gently cleanse the tunnels and the wound itself. If infection is suspected to be the reason for tunneling, appropriate antimicrobial therapy should be instituted. Any dead (necrotic) tissue should be debrided.

Why does tunneling happen in a wound?

Tunneling is often the result of infection, previous abscess formation, sedentary lifestyle, previous surgery at the site, trauma to the wound or surrounding tissue, or the impact of pressure and shear forces upon many tissue layers causing a “sinkhole-like” defect on the skin.

How do you know if a wound is tunneling?

Tunneling results in dead space that has the potential for abscess formation. To measure tunneling, a probe is gently inserted into the passageway until resistance is felt. The distance from the tip of the probe to the point at which the probe is level with the wound edge represents the depth of the tunnel.

Will a tunneling wound heal?

Tunneling wounds can take from a few weeks to a few months to heal.

What should I know about tunneling wound treatment?

Tunneling Wound Assessment and Treatment 1 Causes of Tunneling Wounds. Generally, the cause of the tunneling needs to be determined in order… 2 Assessment and Management of Tunneling Wounds. 3 Goals in the Treatment of Tunneling Wounds. The goal in treating a tunneling wound site is…

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What causes a wound to tunnel in one direction?

Also referred to as a tracking wound, these differ from undermining in that they extend in one direction, whereas undermining is destruction of the underlying tissue surrounding the wound margins. Perhaps the most common cause of wound tunneling is infection of the underlying tissues.