How do you counter Terrorblade late game?

How do you counter Terrorblade late game?

In order to counter Terrorblade, you must kill him before he pops spells or items. He is a fearsome damage dealer thanks to Metamorphosis, can turn the tide of a fight with a well-timed Sunder, and is a natural BKB carrier.

Which hero can counter Terrorblade?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Phantom Lancer 5.02% 41.20%
Dark Seer 4.97% 37.68%
Tinker 4.82% 43.94%
Timbersaw 3.79% 46.09%

How do you counter Spectre late game?

Shadow Shaman

  1. Hex can be used immediately to destroy Spectre’s illusion when she. Haunts.
  2. Shadow Shaman can use. Shackles to lock down Spectre for his team.
  3. Shadow Shaman’s Mass Serpent Ward and. Ether Shock help him push lanes and end the game early before Spectre can come online and take over the late game.

When to counter and when to pick terrorblade?

Learn how to counter and when to pick Terrorblade from our list of counters and matchups updated for the current meta.

Which is the best tool to kill terrorblade?

Laguna Blade is one of the best tools to kill Terrorblade before he can use Sunder due to its high magical (pure with Aghanim’s Scepter) burst damage. Dragon Slave allows Lina to clear Terrorblade’s illusions from Conjure Image and Manta Style.

What do you do with terrorblade in Dota 2?

With his two illusion-based abilities, the ‘semi-ultimate’ Metamorphosis and his ultimate, Sunder, Terrorblade’s skill set makes him a strong foe in the early game and absolutely terrifying at the later stages of the game. He is usually played as a hard carry. ▶️ “The self-righteous shall choke on their sanctimony.”

How often is terrorblade picked at the International 8?

While not being a high tier hero in the current pro meta, Terrorblade was picked 17 times at The International 8 with an average 47.1% win rate. He is usually selected when tier 1 carries such as Phantom Lancer, Spectre, and Weaver are unavailable or unsuitable for specific matchups.