How do you complete the zero mission in GTA San Andreas?

How do you complete the zero mission in GTA San Andreas?

Note: You must complete CJ’s “Wear Flowers in Your Hair” mission and purchase this property (marked with a Z) for $30,000 before these missions will be available. The Zero missions do not forward the main story, but do lead to cash.

Which is the hardest mission in GTA San Andreas?

Here are the top three most difficult missions to complete in GTA: San Andreas:

  • #1 OG Loc. This mission requires you to help your friend kill a person who is trying to escape on a motorbike.
  • #2 Wrong Side of the Tracks.
  • #3 End of the Line.

Can we skip zero missions in GTA San Andreas?

How do you skip the mission to learn to fly in GTA San Andreas? Unfortunately, there is no way to skip that mission through cheat or other means. You’ll have to learn how to fly to do later missions, and if you can’t pass this one, you can’t pass the ones that come after it.

How many zero missions are there in GTA San Andreas?

This is a comprehensive list of storyline missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are 100 missions in total (101 including the opening sequence), which makes this game the Grand Theft Auto title with most missions.

Which GTA game is hardest?

The most difficult GTA games in the series

  • GTA 3. Once Rockstar made the gigantic leap into the 3D era of GTA, there was no turning back.
  • GTA San Andreas. Thanks to vast improvements in gameplay design, San Andreas makes it easier for players to aim their weapons.
  • GTA 4.
  • GTA 5, Online, and beyond.

What does N mean in GTA San Andreas?

The “North Rock” designation includes both the hill itself and the surrounding highlands. In-game, the location is just called North Rock.

Which GTA has best story?

GTA 4 easily takes the top spot when one only considers story quality in the GTA series. Out of all the games in the franchise, GTA 4 tries to tell a rather serious and grounded tale of trauma, revenge, and the immigrant mentality.

How can I skip a level in GTA San Andreas?

How to skip missions on GTA San Andreas?

  1. Step 1: Search for GTA San Andreas savegames via Google or visit www.gtasavegames.com to get your hands on a 100% saved game file.
  2. Step 2: A compressed file will be downloaded, so make sure your computer has WinRar or 7-Zip for extracting it later.

How do you unlock street races in GTA San Andreas?

The street races will be unlocked after completing various missions throughout the game. The first batch will be available after finishing Cesar’s missions in Los Santos and can be found in Little Mexico marked by the chequered flag on the map.

Which is the easiest GTA game?

Easiest is GTA 3.

Where do you get Mission Zero in GTA San Andreas?

Once you’ve completed the “Wear Flowers in Your Hair” mission in CJ’s mission line, Zero will phone you; his landlord is reclaiming his electronics store in Garcia, Zero RC. If you purchase the lot, you can then accept a couple of missions from Zero.

How do you destroy zero in GTA San Andreas?

Drop the bomb in Zero’s base onto one of the tanks; you’ll have to drop steel barrels to destroy the other two. Zero has three RC Bandits in stock, so if one is destroyed he can send out another.

Where is the meter in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Using the gun emplacement, you are to shoot down the Barons before they destroy the transmitters. The meter in the top-right quarter of the screen represents the transmitters’ joint signal strength.

How do you get the chopper in San Andreas?

Your chopper has a magnet attached to the bottom, so all you need to do is drop down to the barrel (using SQUARE) and press and hold CIRCLE to grab and carry the barrel. Release it in the river and continue on. There is another barrel further up the path. Move it out of the way.