How do you circulate air in a greenhouse?

How do you circulate air in a greenhouse?

In a freestanding greenhouse, the air is moved down one side and back the other. This creates a circular horizontal air pattern. In gutter-connected ranges, it is more efficient to move the air down one bay and back in an adjacent bay. This eliminates the friction between the two, opposite moving air masses.

What kind of fan should I get for my greenhouse?

For larger houses, use two fans so that you can stage your cooling in two or three different levels. For example, A 30′ x 96′ greenhouse would be 20,160 CFMs. Using two fans, each fan would be required to move 10,080 CFMs of air. Using the chart, you will see that two 36″, 1/2 hp fans would meet the requirements.

Should you put a fan in a greenhouse?

All plants need carbon dioxide in order to photosynthesize. Your greenhouse needs vents to allow fresh air to move in, but you should also have some kind of circulation fan to keep the air moving throughout the entire greenhouse so that it will reach all of your plants.

Do greenhouses need air flow?

Yes, greenhouses need ventilation. Ventilation is actually one of the most important parts of a greenhouse. Here are the main things a ventilation system does to keep plants healthy. Now that you know greenhouse ventilation is important for healthy plant growth.

Should my greenhouse be in full sun?

Generally, a greenhouse should get full sun, at least 6 hours per day, especially during the winter. Site your greenhouse to avoid shadows from buildings & trees, since many plants do best in full sun.

When should you run a fan in a greenhouse?

Fan systems work best if the draw is less than 150 feet. For most greenhouses this means installing the fans on one end wall with louvers placed in the opposite end (Figure 3). In longer houses the fans should be located along the sidewalls so that they can draw air in through louvers in both ends.

Do greenhouses need ventilation in winter?

Winter Ventilation. A heating system with adequate capacity is needed in the winter to maintain conditions conducive to plant growth and development inside the greenhouse. Even during the coldest part of winter when the heating system is running at full capacity, some ventilation is required in the greenhouse.

Why are circulation fans important in a greenhouse?

Circulation fans have several different functions all of which help the plants. The main goal of a circulating fan is to create an even flow of air throughout the greenhouse, in addition there are many other benefits of circulation fans. Removes air stratification. When the air within a greenhouse stratifies,…

Which is the Best Fan to use in a greenhouse?

Horizontal air flow fans maintain good air circulation in this greenhouse full of vegetable seedlings. The first fan should be placed about 10′ to 15′ from one end wall to pick up the air that is coming around the corner from the other side.

How does a HAF fan work in a greenhouse?

The Air Flow HAF fan reduces heating costs by creating a uniform temperature throughout your structure. Adjust the air pattern and reduce the fan speed directly on your plants to harden them before shipping to market. Low velocity air can also be used to stimulate hair follicle to improve plant health.

What kind of air circulation does a greenhouse need?

Plant growth and quality often reflected this unevenness. Today with a properly installed HAF system, there should be no more than 2°F difference anywhere in the greenhouse. Horizontal air flow fans maintain good air circulation in this greenhouse full of vegetable seedlings.