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How do you beat the command deck in BioShock Infinite?

How do you beat the command deck in BioShock Infinite?


  1. Destroy first gunship using songbird.
  2. Smother core with Return To Senders (4 on front and 4 on back)
  3. Use skyline to go to top deck.
  4. Retrieve sniper rifle and kill infantry.
  5. Allow infantry to disembark from both barges, then kill them with sniper rifle.

How do you beat the Zeppelin level in BioShock Infinite?

One of the enemies will be a Mechanized Patriot and the best way to eliminate him is to use a Volley Gun found on a table near the window or a Grenade Launcher found near a control panel close to the zeppelin’s beak. Keep fighting until you and Elizabeth are the only ones alive aboard the zeppelin.

How do you use the songbird in BioShock Infinite?

Use the Songbird as often as you can, ordering the bird to attack airborne targets or enemy troops on the zeppelin’s deck. There’s a sky-line above the deck and you can use it to get to the top of the zeppelin. You can find some tears at the top, containing medical supplies and a sniper rifle.

How do you get to the top deck in BioShock Infinite?

Once you’ve unlocked new upgrades attach yourself to a sky-line located above the vending machine and wait until you’re transported to the top deck.

How to use the command deck in BioShock Infinite?

Command Deck. The Command Deck is a big battle on the ship (to save it against the Vox Populi air fleet). Use Songbird to smart bomb the larger Zeppelins (not the smaller aerial barges). Since you’re using Songbird to deliver the strategic smackdown on the enemy (so you can end this battle sooner) landing parties of motorized patriots (in pairs)…

How to control the pace of battle BioShock Infinite?

Use Undertow to bring Beasts and Patriots in to dispatch them. Plant Devil’s Kiss traps on the deck just in front of the core. This will literally control the pace of the battle on any difficulty setting. For additional tips on beating this particular section go here

How to destroy two gunships in BioShock Infinite?

A single gunship shows up; use the Songbird to destroy it. Two gunships show up; don’t use the Songbird to destroy them. Instead, use the Songbird to kill the infantry they drop. A single gunship wielding a rocket cannon will show up; destroy the cannon with a weapon rather than the Songbird.

How to destroy a Zeppelin in BioShock Infinite?

Destroy the zeppelin using the Songbird, take out the Motorized Patriots, then eliminate the rest of the enemies. Two more zeppelins will show up. Destroy the one which has a rocket launcher beneath it by using the Songbird, then eliminate the enemies it sends down. There will be two hovering gunships, don’t bother taking them down.