How do you affix a bookplate?

How do you affix a bookplate?

Hold the plate firmly with a finger and then brush the paste from the centre outwards – do not overload the plate with paste; better to add a little more. I hold the plate above the required position and then carefully, but deliberately, place it onto the book and smooth it down.

What size should a bookplate be?

A good standard size for bookplate stickers is 3 inches wide by 4.25 inches high. This will fit in both paperback and hardcover editions. Rectangular is the standard format, but you could experiment with custom die-cut stickers in the shapes of hearts, stars, apples or other objects.

Where should Ex Libris be placed?

Ex libris is Latin for “from the library of.” Ex libris, also known as a bookplate, is used to indicate ownership and is often printed, stamped or labeled on the inside front or back cover of a book.

Has hold shelf processing?

Has hold shelf processing – Select to indicate that the circulation desk can store items that need to be processed before arriving at the hold shelf. Selecting this option displays the Place directly on hold shelf field in the following locations: Scan In Items page – Scan In Items tab (see Scanning Items)

How do you add items to Alma?


  1. Go to Resources>Create Inventory>Add Physical Item.
  2. Click on the Existing radio button.
  3. Click Choose.
  4. Click Select from List.
  5. Perform a repository search (it will only search the library’s holdings, not the NZ)
  6. Click on the title.
  7. Populate the item record information.

What is an autographed bookplate?

Sometimes, instead of signing a book directly, an author will sign bookplates, which the publisher affixes to the books. A book containing a signed bookplate will increase the book’s value, but it will most often command a lesser price than a book that’s been signed directly.

What is the size of a book plate?

Generally speaking, bookplates are A6 in size (one quarter of an A4 sheet, or roughly postcard-size). The exact measurements are 148.5mm high by 105mm wide, but we can produce bookplates to any size you need, and even die-cut shapes if required.

What is a signed book plate?

Order Signed Bookplates Bookplates are decorative labels with an adhesive back that can be placed inside a book.

What does bookplate print mean?

A bookplate, also known as ex-librīs [Latin, “from the books of…”], is usually a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner. Simple typographical bookplates are termed “booklabels”. Bookplates typically bear a name, motto, device, coat-of-arms, crest, badge, or any motif that relates to the owner of the book, or is requested by him from the artist or designer.

What is a bookplate autograph?

Autographed Bookplates . A bookplate is a sticker that can be signed by the author, sent in the mail, and applied to your book. It’s a way to have a personalized copy of the book without having to send the entire book through the mail or come to an event.