How do you adjust a Lokar kickdown cable?

How do you adjust a Lokar kickdown cable?

Slide the kickdown cable end stop onto the inner wire. Move the throttle to wide open and hold it there while pulling the kickdown inner wire as tight as possible. Slide the cable end stop up against the kickdown throttle body fitting and tighten the set screw using the supplied 5/64″ Allen wrench.

How do you adjust a kickdown cable on a 700r4?

Adjustment procedure (self-adjusting cable)

  1. Stop the engine.
  2. Depress the adjusting tab and move the slider back through the fitting away from the carburetor until it stops.
  3. Release the adjustment tab.
  4. Move the throttle linkage to rest against the full throttle stop, then release it .

Does a Powerglide have a kickdown cable?

Registered. Powerglides don’t have cables, they use a lever system.

What makes a 700R4 shift?

The 700R4 uses a cable that connects the throttle linkage to the transmission’s throttle valve (TV) in the valvebody. This is the governor that commands WOT up-shift speeds. It uses weights and springs just like a mechanical advance mechanism in a distributor, but employs two sets of weights for low and high speeds.

What is the purpose of a kickdown cable?

One component that helps both drive systems communicate is the kickdown cable. This device helps the engine relay information on revolutions per minute (RPM) to the automatic transmission and essentially tells it that it’s time to shift gears.

What kind of kickdown cable does Lokar use?

Lokar’s “U-Cut-to-Fit” Kickdown Cables are available in either stainless steel braided housing, black stainless steel braided housing or black housing. They are designed with a specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable – not to be confused with ordinary brake hose.

What kind of kickdown cable does a GM 700R4 use?

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What kind of throttle cable does Lokar use?

Polished throttle cables will include polished aluminum fittings. Hi-Tech black stainless cables will include black anodized aluminum fittings. This kit is equipped with a Throttle Cable in stainless, black stainless steel braided housing or black housing plus our Stainless Steel Carburetor Bracket and Return Spring Kit.

How to adjust throttle valve cable on 700R4?

This information applies to all 700R4, 4L60 and 200-4R transmissions. Throttle valve cable adjustment instructions, numbers 4, 5 and 6. #1. The button that the cable hooks to at the carburetor or throttle body must have approximately 1 and 3/32-inch radius from the center of the throttle shaft to the center of the button the cable hooks to.