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How do lefties serve in tennis?

How do lefties serve in tennis?

Left-handed players can serve out wide when on the ad side of the court to swing the ball to the backhand of the righty. “With the lefty serve, it’s easier to open up the court and put yourself in an offensive position early because our spin moves away from you and into your body,” said Haynes.

Can you play tennis left handed?

Being left handed tennis players has many advantages and statistics from the United States Tennis Association have shown that roughly 10 percent of players in the world are left-handed. Left-handed champions have used their advantages to win many major titles.

How do you hit a left handed kick serve?

How To Hit A Left Handed Kick Serve (5-Step Guide)

  1. Step #1: Tossing the Ball to the Right Hand Side of Your Head.
  2. Step #2: Bend your knees, push your hips forward, and prepare to make your shot.
  3. Step #4: Brush up the back of the ball with as much racket-head speed as a first serve.
  4. Final thoughts.

Is it better to play tennis left handed?

A lefty hitting a crosscourt forehand seems to get a little bit more penetrating side spin than does a righty hitting the same shot. Also, the most important factor is the serve. The lefty has what seems to be a more natural slice serve although the kick is not as useful.

Is kick serve same as topspin serve?

A kick serve is when the tennis ball is served with a combination of topspin and sidespin, creating a ball that bounces high and moves sideways. Topspin helps a ball jump up after it hits the tennis court. The kick serve has about a 45-degree angle of rotation, between topspin and sidespin.

How to correct your serve in a tennis match?

Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve 1 The Stance. 2 The Grip. 3 The Hitting Part – Loose Drop, Swing Up And Pronation. 4 Backswing & Toss. 5 Serve In Two Parts. 6 The Power Move. 7 Serve With The Follow-Through.

How to throw a tennis ball from the middle of your hand?

The key points about the toss: 1 Place the ball in the middle of your hand, meaning exactly where the palm spreads out into fingers. 2 Hold the ball with your thumb on top gently. 3 Always toss with a straight arm using only your shoulder joint. 4 Release the ball at around your eye level and keep lifting the arm up following the ball.

Where do you place your left index finger on a tennis racquet?

Then place your left index finger in the “valley” between the thumb and the index finger of your right hand (for right-handers), just next to the bone on the thumb. Now check where your left index finger is pointing on the racquet handle. It should point to the top left edge on the racquet handle.

How does a tennis serve work in slow motion?

But, as you look closer, especially in slow motion, you realize that the swing towards the ball and movement of the forearm after the contact are not in the same line. It is the internal rotation of the upper arm and pronation of the forearm that create these two racquet paths before and after contact.