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How do I unblock restricted sites on Firefox?

How do I unblock restricted sites on Firefox?

Select a website in the Blacklist text box and click the “Remove” button to unblock it. You can also click the “Clear list” button or the “Enable BlockSite” check box at the top to allow all sites to be visible again.

How do I use Hola VPN in Firefox?

How do I use Hola VPN? Go to a website you would like to use, click Hola VPN’s extension icon in your browser, and select the country from which you would like to access the site. Hola VPN will switch your IP (your internet address) to the country you selected, so that you are virtually browsing from that country.

Is there a free Firefox VPN?

Unlimited, full device protection via Mozilla VPN is currently available for Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices for a small fee. This will grant you access on up to 5 devices. See the Mozilla VPN website for more information.

How do you unblock a website in Firefox?

If you want to unblock a site that you didn’t block in the first place, Firefox has a built-in VPN that you can use with an existing VPN subscription, or you can use a proxy site. Open Firefox. Its app icon resembles a blue globe with an orange fox on it. Go to the Block Site installation page.

Which is the best addon for Firefox to block ads?

Adblock plus Firefox addon helps you to disable all the sidebar flash ads and change the way you view the website. It completely blocks all the banner ads, popups etc. Just try out for a week, you will never regret it. You can download the addon from this link and install it on your Firefox browser. Feel happy!

How can I block Firefox from my Mac?

To do this on your Mac, click the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen to open Spotlight, terminal into the search bar, and then press ⏎ Return. This method will block a specific website from all browsers, not just Firefox. You must have your administrator password to use this method. Type sudo nano /etc/hosts and press ⏎ Return.

How can I get rid of block site?

With Block Site, you can right-click a blank spot on any website and then click Block this domain in the context menu to add the site to Block Site’s list. You can temporarily disable Block Site’s blocking by clicking Disable to the right of Block Site in the Add-ons section.