How do I turn off my FSA headset?

How do I turn off my FSA headset?

Pick the frame up from underneath and hold it so the forks are elevated off the ground then simply hit the top of the steerer a couple times with a rubber mallet and the forks should just drop out.

How do I setup my bike headset?

Thanks to the guys at Old Spokes Home bike shop in Burlington, Vermont for letting us use the tools for this MTB How To.

  1. Install Crown Race.
  2. Make Sure The Head Tube and Headset Are Clean.
  3. Grease The Top And Bottom Headset Cups.
  4. Press In The Top Cup.
  5. Press In The Bottom Cup.
  6. Assemble Headset.
  7. Insert Fork and Tighten Top Cap.

How do I test my headset bearings?

How to diagnose and adjust a threaded headset. Bounce the front wheel off the ground a few times: a rattling sound indicates the headset is loose. If the bars lock in the middle and point straight then it’s either too tight or the bearings are heavily worn.

What are the different cups for FSA orbit headset?

FSA’s Orbit Option headset includes three different cup combinations that allow you to choose from 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 degree adjustments in either direction. • FSA offers the Orbit Option in three different models to fit different head tubes: 55mm full length OD head tube, 50mm/55mm tapered, and 50mm/62mm tapered.

How to install FSA orbit fork on Pinkbike?

Layout the headset parts in the order to be installed on a clean surface that is within arm’s reach of your bike, and then stack the upper bearing and compression ring as they sit once installed. Step 9 – With the greased lower bearing pushed down onto the crown race, slide the fork’s steerer up through the head tube.

Where can I find the FSA documentation page?

Welcome to the FSA Documentation page. Here you will easily find all of our installation instructions, tech bulletins, and product updates for our entire range of products. To find the technical information you’re looking for, simply click on the relevant category below.

What’s the default head angle for the orbit headset?

You would simply reverse the orientation if you desire a steeper head angle. The Orbit Option includes enough headset cups to choose from three different head angle settings, but each cup must be paired with its matching partner ( 0.5 upper with 0.5 lower, for example)