How do I show my speaking engagements on LinkedIn?

How do I show my speaking engagements on LinkedIn?

Under Work Experience, you can put “Speaker,” as a category and include the different speaking engagements you have spoken at including the name of the event, group, or organization. You may also want to include the location of the event.

How do you secure speaking engagements?

PR Secrets To Securing Speaking EngagementsDon’t start conference outreach without an “agenda.” We are not referring to a conference schedule here, but a speaker’s agenda. What audiences does she want to reach? Pitch to your strengths. Acquire a speaking history. Add special effects. Think outside the conference. Look beyond the keynote speech.

How do you add speakers to LinkedIn?

Here’s how to make sure they find you.Add “Public Speaker” To Your Headline. Use Keywords Related To Your Expertise. Show Off Your Expertise In Your Summary. Create A Job Description For “Public Speaker” Ask For Recommendations. Embed Speaking Videos. Blog On LinkedIn About Your Speaking Experience.

What is LinkedIn double tap feature?

LinkedIn has also added emoji on their messaging service. Users can press and hold or double tap on any message to open up a menu of options on mobile, while they can hover over a message and get the tools on desktop. Users will have the option to view or dismiss and mark as safe the message.

Can you add publications to LinkedIn?

To add a publication: Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. If you’ve previously added a publication, scroll down to the Accomplishments section and click Add. If you’ve never added a publication, you’ll first want to add a Publications section.

How do you add accomplishments on LinkedIn app?

HelpClick the Me icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage.Click View profile.Select Accomplishments from the Add profile section on the right rail of the page.Click the Add icon to the right of Projects.Fill out the fields.Click Save.

How do I add my LinkedIn link to Google Scholar?

Get Started!Click on “My Citations” at the top (you will need to sign in with your NCSU gmail account)Follow each step to add your information and select articles to add.You will want to make your My Citations page public if you want it to be “googleable” and add to your impact.