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How do I restart my iPhone 4s without the power button and Assistive Touch?

How do I restart my iPhone 4s without the power button and Assistive Touch?

To do this, visit your phone’s Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turn it on. 2. This will enable an AssistiveTouch box on your screen. Whenever you wish to restart your iPhone without the Power button, just tap on the AssistiveTouch box.

How do I restart my phone if my power button doesnt work?

How to restart phone without power button

  1. Plug the Phone into an electric or USB charger.
  2. Enter Recovery Mode and reboot the phone.
  3. “Double-tap to wake” and “Double-tap to sleep” options.
  4. Scheduled Power ON/OFF.
  5. Power Button to Volume Button app.
  6. Find the professional phone repair provider.

What do I do if my lock button doesnt work?

Reboot your phone For Android phones, rebooting can be done by pressing the home key plus volume key and power key simultaneously. Once you’re done rebooting, try using the power button to wake the phone again and see whether the power button can work properly.

How can I restart my iPhone without the lock button?

Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Step 1. Make sure your iPhone has at least 50% battery capacity and enable the “Assistive Touch” feature. Step 2. Touch the floating “Assistive Touch” button, tap “Device” and then “More”. Then you will see the “Restart” icon, tap on it, your iPhone will perform power off and turn back on automatically.

How do you turn off the lock screen on an iPhone?

Step 2. Restart iPhone without lock button. Touch the “Assistive Touch” button, tap “Device” and then keep pressing “Lock Screen” until you are taken to the power off screen. Swipe the slider to power off your iPhone. Step 3. Power iPhone back on. Plug your iPhone into a power source and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Is there a way to reboot an iPad without the power button?

These methods rely on toggling software settings that initiate a soft reboot to the device, which means even if your physical buttons are completely malfunctioning, you can still restart a device if it’s necessary to.

What to do if your home button is not working on your iPhone?

If the Home or Power button on your device isn’t working properly, then don’t worry. You are not the only one. We have heard from lots of iPhone users who wish to restart their phone as the Home or Power button on their device has stopped functioning. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to restart iPhone without Power button.