How do I request a grit bin?

How do I request a grit bin?

If you are a business, parish council or residents’ association request a grit bin by calling 01522 782070. We will only approve a request for a new grit bin if we believe it will be in a suitable spot. It must also benefit as many people as possible.

Can you take grit from grit bins?

As a general rule, yes you can take grit from grit bins assuming that you are using the grit to treat local roads and pavements. Most councils place yellow grit bins around their towns so that, if a gritter cannot clear your road, you can safely do so yourself.

Can anyone use a grit bin?

Anyone may use a grit bin to clear a public path or road, though they are generally not intended for personal use. Typically, a spade or shovel is used to spread a thin layer of grit onto the road surface, covering any snow or ice.

What are council grit bins for?

Council provided grit bins are intended to be used to grit public roads and footpaths and are not permitted to be used on private property.

How do I report empty grit bin?

Grit bins are re-filled when we are made aware that they are empty. You can report an empty bin here. You can also use this link to see the locations of our grit bins and to report a damaged bin or a bin with contents that are unuseable. Alternatively you can contact the Roads and Transport team on 0345 155 1004.

Who is responsible for grit bins?

Who is responsible for gritting roads? Highways authorities (county, unitary, metropolitan and London borough councils) are responsible for nine out of every 10 miles of road – about 225,000 miles throughout the UK. England and Wales has 174 highways authorities and they grit on average 41 per cent of their roads.

Can you take salt from grit bins?

What can local authority grit bins be used for? The rock salt stored in local authority grit bins is for use on public roads and pavements and it cannot be used on private property. It is forbidden to use local authority grit or rock salt on private roads, driveways and garden paths.

Can you use council grit?

You can use any of the grit bins located around the borough to grit your road or footways except on private roads. Do not use them for your household private driveways or paths.

Are you liable if you grit?

The myth stating that ‘if you grit, you assume responsibility and therefore you are liable’ is just that, a myth. If you or your business own that car park, then you are liable for what happens in that car park, and you must take reasonable precautions to make sure your customers do not come to any harm.

Can you use salt as grit?

Rock salt lowers the freezing point of moisture on the road surface, stopping ice from forming and causing existing ice or snow to melt. For grit to work most effectively it needs traffic to crush and spread it across the road. When it snows heavily at night, though a road is gritted the snow will often still settle.

Is grit better than salt?

One of the best alternatives that we have found is stone grit. It provides many of the same great qualities as rock salt, all while providing some additional benefits. The product is readily available and does a good job of providing traction for both vehicles and foot traffic.

Can you grit outside your house?

There is no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your home or from public spaces. It is unlikely that you will be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries on the path if you have cleared it carefully. Please do not spread grit too near pavement trees – especially young saplings.

Where are salt bins and grit bins in Stirling?

Salt pile and grit bin locations, winter 2020/21, for the Stirling Council area. To zoom in and out use + – or the mouse scroll wheel. The ‘Home’ button will reset the map to the default view. Using the address search will take you to that address, street or location.

Is the city of Stirling on demand waste collection?

The City of Stirling has replaced household junk verge collections with a range of on-demand waste collections. This allows residents to dispose of unwanted items when it’s convenient for them. Every year skip bin booking for June fill fast.

How do I contact the city of Stirling?

This data updates annually based off of property records, if your address is a new home or a sub division, please contact the City where we can assist you in locating your bin day/verge pick up information. Is there an issue with your bin? The City can provide extra assistance with bin collections for the elderly and those with a disability.

What is the winter service policy for Stirling council?

Stirling Council’s Winter Service Policy 2020-21 outlines which routes will be treated as a priority. To zoom in and out use + – or the mouse scroll wheel, the ‘Home’ button will reset the map to its default view.