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How do I join The American Legion Auxiliary?

How do I join The American Legion Auxiliary?

Membership in The American Legion Auxiliary shall be limited to the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, Male or Female Spouse, and direct and adopted female descendants of members of The American Legion, and to the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, Male or Female Spouse, and direct and adopted female descendants of all men …

What does The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary do?

The Auxiliary administers hundreds of volunteer programs, gives tens of thousands of hours to its communities and to veterans, and raises millions of dollars to support its own programs, as well as other worthwhile charities familiar to Americans. It is all accomplished with volunteers.

Can I join The American Legion if my grandfather served?

members include males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military and were eligible for American Legion membership.

Can you join The American Legion if you are not a veteran?

Answer: The American Legion’s eligibility criteria states that veterans must have served during “wartime.” When Congress decides the U.S. is no longer in a state of war, the Legion’s membership eligibility period will close, while AMVETS will still be open to those who served.

Can daughters of veterans join The American Legion?

Are girls or women eligible to join the Sons? No. Only males are eligible to join the Sons. Women who are veterans and are eligible to join The American Legion are welcome and encouraged to do so.

What is a women’s auxiliary club?

: an organization of women that is auxiliary usually to a men’s fraternal or social organization — compare auxiliary sense 9.

What is the best veteran organization to join?

Organizations Doing Good for Veterans and Their Families

  • Fisher House Foundation.
  • Hope For The Warriors.
  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
  • Give An Hour.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
  • United Service Organizations (USO)
  • Semper Fi Fund.
  • Honor Flight Network.

What are American Legion membership requirements?

There are specific membership requirements. To be eligible for the American Legion, a man or woman must have served at least one day of active duty in one of the armed forces of the United States during one of the elibility periods below.

How do you join the American Legion Auxiliary?

Visit the American Legion’s website and click on “Membership.”. From there you can either apply online or print out an application and mail it in. Pay the $20 application fee by credit card (Visa and MasterCard only). Your membership dues will entitle you to benefits like discounts on travel and medications.

What are American Legion programs?

American Legion Programs. The American Legion is dedicated to the service of our nation and the communities we live. In addition to programs that support fellow veterans, we have a variety of community programs aimed at enforcing our commitment to Americanism, Youth and Teens, Community Support, and Advocacy.

What was the purpose of the American Legion?

The original purpose of the American Legion was to “preserve the memories and incidents of our association in the great war”. Today, the American Legion defines their activities as the four pillars. These four pillars are Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth.