How do I get to T4 Melbourne Airport?

How do I get to T4 Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne Airport is 22 km from the CBD. Take the Tullamarine Freeway and follow the signs to the airport. To get to Terminal 4, take the Mercer Drive exit, then go right at the roundabout onto Airport Drive and follow it along to the Terminal 4 car park.

Who flies out of Terminal 4 Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 hosts local and domestic budget flights, featuring Jetstar and Tigerair domestic carriers.

What airlines use Terminal 4 at Tullamarine?

Terminal 4 is currently used by Regional Express Airlines, Jetstar Australia, Airnorth and formally Tigerair Australia.

Can I pick up someone from Melbourne Airport Covid?

Can I pick someone up from the airport? You may pick up or drop off a person from an airport if it meets one of the permitted reasons for leaving home. For example, to provide care and support to a relative or another person.

Can I pick someone up from Melbourne Airport?

Passengers ready and waiting to be collected? Terminal 1, 2 & 3 passengers can be collected from the pick up zone located on the ground level of the Terminal 1, 2 & 3 forecourt. Terminal 4 passengers can be collected from Level 1 of the Terminal 4 Car Park. Follow the signs when arriving at the Terminal 4 Car Park.

Can I get picked up from Melbourne airport?

A new 10 minute pick-up zone is now open for drivers picking up arriving passengers from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. If your passenger is ready when you are arriving at the airport, the 1 minute pick-up zone in the forecourt will continue to operate (just look out for the new lanes allocated for public pick up).

Can you stay in Melbourne airport overnight?

The Melbourne Tullamarine Airport technically stays open 24-hours, though Terminal 4 may shut down around 12:00AM until Security checkpoints re-open in the morning. If you’re already inside the other terminals before closing time, you may be allowed to remain inside the pre-Secure areas.

How many terminals are there at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport?

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport consists of three terminals (T1, T2 and T3) housed in the same building, and a separate fourth terminal (T4) within walking distance of the main complex. The terminals host a combined 68 gates, and all offer airside and landside dining and shopping options, with at least a couple providing 24-hour service.

When did the T4 terminal in Melbourne Open?

T4 is Melbourne’s newest terminal, a sparkling $400 million facility that opened back in 2015. It’s modern, it’s spacious, and it’s infuriating.

Where is the free WiFi at Melbourne Tullamarine?

Terminal 2 – The Emirates Lounge • Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge. Free WiFi is available at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. From Terminals 2, 3 and 4, connect to the “Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and enter name and email address for access. Qantas provides free WiFi in Terminal 1.

Where is Jetstar Terminal 4 in Melbourne Airport?

If you’re flying with Jetstar from Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4, here’s the whole layout: how to get there, where to park, how to check in, where to eat and how to get to your gate. Melbourne Airport is 22 km from the CBD.