How do I find out who owns mineral rights in New Mexico?

How do I find out who owns mineral rights in New Mexico?

STATE LAND OFFICE: If the mineral rights are owned by the state, you can contact the State Land Office Minerals Program at (505) 827-5750, and this website for Lease Information – Minerals.

Who owns mineral rights on my land?

While the government grants mineral rights to a company to explore for and produce oil and natural gas, mineral rights do not include access to the surface land – surface access is granted by the landowner.

How do you find out if there are minerals on your land?

Common ways to research mineral rights include: Reviewing County Records and Tax Assessor’s Documents – By performing a title deed search at the county records office, you can see the ownership history of any particular property over time.

How do I buy mineral rights in New Mexico?

If the land is part of the state trust, contact New Mexico’s State Land Office Mineral Program for more information at (505) 827-5750. It is perfectly legal and quite common to transfer mineral rights in New Mexico. Some landowners choose to retain some rights to the land but assign record title ownership to a miner.

How do I file a mining claim in New Mexico?

Steps in locating a mining claim

  1. Locate the claim (discovery)
  2. Staking the claim.
  3. File the mining claim at the county courthouse and state BLM office.
  4. Contact appropriate federal and state agencies to inquire about regulations for exploration, obtaining exploration and mining permits.

How do you know if you own the mineral rights?

To check if you own mineral rights, then you should start by getting a copy of your deed. If you do not already have a copy, then go to the county Recorder’s office and get a copy. Look to see if you were conveyed fee simple title to the property.

How far down do mineral rights go?

How far down the mineral rights go depends on the mineral and technology used. The average depth of open-pit mining – a surface mining technique used to extract metals such as nickel, copper, uranium, and coal – is between 100–500 meters. For deep mining, the average depth is 2.8–3.4 kilometers.

How do you calculate mineral rights?

As a mineral rights value rule of thumb, the 3X cash flow method is often used. To calculate mineral rights value, multiply the 12-month trailing cash flow by 3. For a property with royalty rights, a 5X multiple provides a more accurate valuation (stout.com).

Do you need a permit to pan for gold in New Mexico?

You do not need a permit or other authorization from the Forest Service for: Prospectors, Gold Panners (dredging not included), and Rock Collectors causing little or no surface disturbance with hand tools only, under 2 cubic yards per year do not require a permit from the state of New Mexico.