How do I fill out a DD Form 1387?

How do I fill out a DD Form 1387?

How to Fill out DD Form 1387?

  1. Box 1 requires the 17-character transportation control number.
  2. Box 2 is for the postage data. Box 3 requires the full address of the shipping location (with ZIP code).
  3. Box 4 is for specifying the type of service (such as Air Express, Express Mail, TGBL UB, etc.).

What is a mobility TCN?

The TCN is a 17-character data element assigned to control and manage every shipment unit throughout the transportation pipeline and for payment processing.

What is a DD 1348 used for?

The Issue Release/Receipt Document, DD Form 1348-1A (or DD Form 1348-2 with attached shipping label), and continuation page are prepared by the supply/shipping activity. These documents are used for selecting, packing, shipping, and receiving materiel.

What regulation covers TCMD?

To accomplish this task, DOD Regulation 4500.32-R requires those shipping activities making containerized shipments to provide the WCA with a completed DD Form 1384 (TCMD). Also the cargo checker uses the TCMD to record or tally the cargo data.

What is the difference between a DD214 and a DD 256?

All active duty servicemembers are issued a DD Form 214 when they separate from active duty. Guard and Reserve members who complete their term of service are issued a DD Form 256 (Honorable Discharge Certificate) or DD Form 257 (General Discharge Certificate) upon completion of their term.

What is attla?

The Air Transportability Test Loading Activity (ATTLA) is the Department of Defense agency responsible for the approval of airlift cargo (DODI 4540.07) on fixed wing USAF cargo aircraft.

How to file a complaint with the Air Force inspector general?

Filing a complaint to the Air Force Inspector General’s Complaint Resolution Directorate can be accomplished in three ways; Email, US Mail and IG Hotline. Complaints are transferred to the appropriate level IG. We encourage you to contact your local IG directly. Click here for local IG directory

How is paper payment made for Indian Air Force?

Paper Payment will be made through Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking/ /Challan by Axis Bank. Candidates sharing their Dob From 17/January/2001 to 30/December/2004 will be considered for this Recruitment.

When to apply for AFRS IMT 1327 rap monitor?

• Submit AFRS IMT 1327 application to the Recruiting RAP monitor vial e-mail 4 weeks prior to the desired time of leave. • Contact Recruiting Squadron RAP monitor if graduation date changes and it affects your RAP dates.

What is the DD Form 1384 Transportation Control and movement document?

A. GENERAL This appendix contains DD Form 1384, Transportation Control and Movement Document, Figure M-1, preparation instructions for the various types of shipments in the Defense Transportation System. The basic requirements for preparation of the TCMD are detailed in Chapter 203, Paragraph B.20.