How do I contact the British Heart Foundation?

How do I contact the British Heart Foundation?

Contact us

  1. Call us. Call 0300 330 3322 to speak to our customer care advisors.
  2. Email us. Email us at [email protected] and one of our customer care advisors will get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. Chat with us. Chat online with one of our advisors.
  4. Write to us. British Heart Foundation.
  5. Find us. Head office.

How do I cancel my BHF donation?

You can cancel the Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Make sure to contact the British Heart Foundation as well via email, phone or post. Email [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account.

How do I donate to the British Heart Foundation?

All you need to do is download a donation form for the type of donation you want to give; a regular donation or a single donation. Please note that we are unable to take payment by email. If you would like to make a donation please use our secure donation form or call our customer services centre on 0300 330 3322.

Where do I send a Cheque for British Heart Foundation?

Donate by phone and call 0300 330 3322. Donate by post. Please send cheques (payable to the British Heart Foundation) along with this completed form to: BHF, 2300 The Crescent, Birmingham, B37 7YE.

Who does the British Heart Foundation support?

Support children and young people Anyone can be affected by heart conditions. See how the BHF can help young people.

Is British Heart Foundation a charity?

In the decades since, the BHF has become one of the largest and best known charities in the UK. We have built a track record of funding ground-breaking heart research that has transformed cardiac treatment and care. Our work has helped to cut UK deaths from cardiovascular disease by more than half.

How much of my donation goes to British Heart Foundation?

This means nearly 78 per cent (£114.6m) of the money we raised was available for our life saving research and supporting heart patients. In other words, for every £1 we raised, around 78p was available for directly fighting heart and circulatory disease including heart attacks, strokes and congenital heart defects.

Does British Heart Foundation take bedding?

For quality and safety reasons, the British Heart Foundation can only collect beds, bed bases or mattresses that are; In a useable condition e.g. not broken/damaged. Mattresses must be clean and not stained and must have a valid fire safety label.

Why is British Heart Foundation successful?

What does the British Heart Foundation do to help?

We power this mission by raising money to fund research to prevent, detect, treat and cure all heart and circulatory diseases, including heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia, and the conditions or risk factors that can cause them, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Explore the breadth of our research.

Where is the British Heart Foundation in Scotland?

British Heart Foundation is a registered Charity No. 225971. Registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 699547. Registered office at Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London NW1 7AW. Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC039426 .

How to contact British Heart Foundation customer care?

Call 0300 330 3322 to speak to our customer care advisors. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Costs are the same as calling a home or business landline. Textphone: 1800 1030 0330 3322

When is the British Heart Foundation fundraising line open?

This line is open from 5pm-9.30pm, Monday to Friday, and 12-9.30pm on Saturdays. Please note, this number is only for Door to Door fundraising enquiries. The fundraising team is unable to help with shop and store enquiries outside of office hours.

Where can I find the British Heart helpline?

Call our Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 to speak to our Cardiac Nurses and Information Support Officers. The Heart Helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can find your nearest store by entering your postcode or location into our store search.