How do I become ITAR certified?

How do I become ITAR certified?

To accept any job from a client that involves manufacturing products for military or defense purposes, you must show that you are ITAR compliant. The way to prove compliance is with an ITAR-compliant certification, which you can receive by registering with the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

What does it mean to be ITAR certified?

ITAR stands for The International Traffic in Arms Regulations and is a set of government regulations related to defense exports. Registration states that an organization is stating they are aware of what ITAR requires of them and they are in compliance with these requirements. …

Who is required to register with ITAR?

Per ITAR §122.1, any person who engages in the United States in the business of either manufacturing or exporting or temporarily importing defense articles or furnishing defense services is required to register with DDTC. Manufacturers who do not engage in exporting must nevertheless register.

What does it cost to become ITAR compliant?

You have three fee tier possibilities that are dependent on your company’s ITAR history: Tier 1: Annual flat fee of $2,250 – This applies to first-time applicants, annual registration renewal requests for stand-alone brokers, and non-profit organizations.

Who has to register with ITAR?

Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
Under ITAR 22 CFR §122.1, parties that manufacture, export or temporarily import “defense articles” or furnish “defense services” are required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) within the State Department.

How do I renew my ITAR?

In order to keep your ITAR registration up to date, you should designate who in your company is responsible for managing the renewal each year….Confirm that Your Registration is Up to Date

  1. Pay Registration Fees.
  2. Complete the Registration Form.
  3. Gather Supporting Documents.
  4. Upload Your Registration Packet.

Is there such a thing as ITAR certified?

In reality, there is no such thing as being ITAR certified. There is only a regulatory requirement to be registered and a company’s obligation to be compliant. The confusion comes when you receive a letter from your customer asking you to ‘certify’ that your business is ITAR compliant.

Do you need to register with the DDTC for ITAR?

Overall, it is important to understand that registering with the DDTC to sell your products or services in the ITAR industry is not enough; you must be sure not to violate ITAR compliance regulations. The expectation is that you are educated and trained in ITAR regulations.

Is there an annual fee for ITAR compliance?

ITAR compliance means much more than submitting the proper forms online and paying the annual fee to the DDTC. You can’t risk an ITAR violation, and the best way to ensure your ongoing success is by partnering with the ITAR consultants at Export Solutions.

How much does ITAR Professional CIP exam cost?

Individuals earning this export compliance certification have reached the highest industry certification level reflecting their expert knowledge of all aspects of the ITAR regulations. Certified ITAR Professional® (CIP) Exam Cost: $525.00 What is the process for taking the (CIP) exam?