How do I add a prompt in BI Publisher?

How do I add a prompt in BI Publisher?

The Dashboard Editor appears. From the selection pane, in the Saved Content area, navigate to the folder that contains the dashboard prompt you want to add. Drag and drop the dashboard prompt into the section in the dashboard page that contains the Oracle BI Publisher report. Click the Save button.

How do I add a parameter to a BI Publisher report?

On the Data Model components pane, click Parameters and then click Create new Parameter, as shown in the following figure:

  1. Enter a Name for the parameter.
  2. Select the Data Type from the list:
  3. Enter a Default Value for the parameter.
  4. Select the Parameter Type.

How do I create a dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion?

Steps to Create Fusion BIP Report Dependent LOV in Oracle Fusion

  1. Create a Data Model with SQL query.
  2. Create 2 list of values(LOV), pass parameter in dependent LOV query.
  3. Create 2 Parameters, select their respective list of value(LOV).
  4. Save the Data Model.

How do I change the date format in an rtf template?

Date Format is uses to displays the Dates in the Different format of the Report. We can set the date formats in the RTF Templates. XML publisher shows the output in these format of the report. Just double Click on the Column of the RTF Template and set the Type to ‘Date’ and set the Format as below.

Is prompted in Obiee 12c?

We mostly use the Column prompt for restricting data in the reports. The column used for prompt is “is Prompted” in the report and data will be restricted based on this. There is one more prompt type named as “Variable Prompt”.

How do I add parameters to a list?

Creating a Menu Parameter

  1. Select Menu from the Parameter Type list.
  2. In Data Type, select String or Integer.
  3. Enter the Display Label.
  4. Enter the Number of Values to Display in List.
  5. Select the List of Values that you defined for this parameter.
  6. Enable the following Options if required:

What is the date parameter in BI Publisher?

{$SYSDATE ()$} – current date, the system date of the server on which BI Publisher is running. The date function calls in the parameter values are not evaluated until the report job is executed by the Scheduler.

How to set default date in Oracle BI Publisher consulting?

You can simply type this in the ‘Default Value’ text filed in the report edit window. You can also have some simple calculation with the date functions. For example, if you want to set the default date to be 7 days before the current date, then you can type ‘{$SYSDATE()-7$}’. Plus (+) and minus (-) are supported for the calculation.

How to define default date parameters in bi?

For example, if you create a schedule for a report that runs every Monday to capture data from the previous week, you need to update the date parameters for the report to increment to the first and last days of the previous week. {$SYSDATE ()$} – current date, the system date of the server on which BI Publisher is running.

How to create SQL query in BI Publisher?

SQL Query Submit a SQL query against any of the transactional databases set up by your Administrator. BI Publisher also provides a Query Builder that enables you to build your SQL query graphically. HTTP (XML Feed) Use an RSS feed off the Web that returns XML. Web Service