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How do I access my Liferay Portal?

How do I access my Liferay Portal?

Open a browser to http://localhost:8080 .

  1. Click the Sign In link. If a Liferay DXP bundle is being used, you may be presented with the Setup Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Admin user.
  2. Enter the default admin credentials to log in. Email address: [email protected]. Password: test. Warning.

How do I reset my Liferay admin password?

Test Steps

  1. 1/ Connect to Liferay Portal database schema.
  2. 2/ Identify user who forgot their password.
  3. 3/ Confirm user by selecting user by their user ID or screen name.
  4. 4/ Reset password to default for user by user ID.
  5. 5/ Commit user password change.
  6. 6/ Confirm new user password by selecting user using their user ID.

How do I connect Liferay to MySQL?

  1. Download Liferay CE.
  2. Install MySQL and create a database.
  3. Unzip liferay and create file if no exist into liferay_home/tomcat-6.0.29/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/clases.
  4. Paste this:

Is Liferay a content management system?

One of the most common uses of Liferay Portal is as a content management system. In fact, many use Liferay Portal just for content management, whether it be web content management or management of file-based content (documents, media files, and the like).

How to configure a Liferay MySQL database?

If you already configured your portal with hsql and want to re-configured it with the MySQL Database and add samples data, open file located in the same folder as Set the setup.wizard.enabled to true and restart your server.

Where are portal properties set in Liferay learn?

Go to Control Panel at Configuration → System Settings to find System Settings. System Settings can be exported as .config files to save in source control and use in distributed DXP installations. Portal properties set via System Settings and configuration files are stored in the database.

How to set the username and password for Liferay?

Open your file and past the following lines : Set the correct username and password to connect to your database. During the server start, you can check that Liferay started with the appropriate dialect by looking for the following lines in your server log console/file:

How to override default properties in Liferay learn?

The file has been defined for this purpose. Using a file to override default properties has these benefits: You can copy the file to other Liferay DXP environments and server nodes. You can store configurations in a version control system to simplify configuration management.