How can I join Indian Defence Intelligence Agency?

How can I join Indian Defence Intelligence Agency?

Another route to join the above agencies is by first joining related agencies through direct recruitment. For example, to join the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), you can first join the Armed Forces and then move towards joining their specific intelligence wing.

What is the name of intelligence agency of Indian army?

Defence Intelligence Agency
The Defence Intelligence Agency (D.I.A) is an Intelligence agency responsible for providing and coordinating defence & military intelligence to Indian armed forces.

What is the rank of Indian intelligence agency?

Ranks and insignia

Position in Intelligence Bureau Position in police service
Joint Deputy Director Senior Superintendent of Police
Assistant Director Superintendent of Police
Deputy Central Intelligence Officer Additional superintendent of police
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer I Deputy Superintendent of Police

How do you become a Defence intelligence officer?

Educational Qualification Aspirants need to be graduate from any reputed organization or institute to apply for Intelligence Officer post. In case of RAW, willing candidates should possess good education from reputed University and should also have a grasp on one foreign language at least to become a RAW agent.

Which country intelligence is best?

These Are The World’s Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

  • CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), USA –
  • RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), India –
  • Mossad, Israel –
  • ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), Pakistan –
  • MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service), UK –
  • GRU (Main Intelligence Agency), Russia –

Where is the DIA headquarters?

In Service. The Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters (DIA HQ) is the main operating center of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It is located on the premises of Joint Base Anacostia–Bolling in Washington, DC.

Who is DIA director?

DIA’s Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn announced today that Doug Wise will succeed David Shedd as the agency’s next deputy director.

What is a Defense Intelligence Agency?

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a military espionage organization of the United States and one of the country’s national-level intelligence agencies under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Less known than its non-DoD equivalent or its cryptologic counterpart,…

Who is the director of Dia?

The current director is Lieutenant General Michael D. Maples. DIA is organized into these primary operational directorates, which operate as follows: Directorate for Human Intelligence (DH): Otherwise knows as Defense HUMINT Service , this directorate manages DIA’s and the DoD’s human source intelligence collection.