How can I increase my ActiveMQ performance?

How can I increase my ActiveMQ performance?

There are various other places in Apache ActiveMQ Artemis where we can perform some tuning:

  1. Use Asynchronous Send Acknowledgements.
  2. Use pre-acknowledge mode.
  3. Disable security.
  4. Disable persistence.
  5. Sync transactions lazily.
  6. Sync non transactional lazily.
  7. Send messages non blocking.

What is ActiveMQ prefetch limit?

ActiveMQ uses a prefetch limit on how many messages can be streamed to a consumer at any point in time. Once the prefetch limit is reached, no more messages are dispatched to the consumer until the consumer starts sending back acknowledgements of messages (to indicate that the message has been processed).

How many messages can ActiveMQ handle?

To get around this limitation, ActiveMQ introduced a paging cache – for all message stores (except the memory store) to get the best of both worlds – great performance and the ability to hold 100s of millions of messages in persistent store.

What is the use of ActiveMQ?

ActiveMQ is an open source protocol developed by Apache which functions as an implementation of message-oriented middleware (MOM). Its basic function is to send messages between different applications, but includes additional features like STOMP, JMS, and OpenWire.

What is Active MQ Artemis?

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis is an open source project for an asynchronous messaging system. It is high performance, embeddable, clustered and supports multiple protocols. JBoss EAP 7 uses Apache ActiveMQ Artemis as its JMS broker and is configured using the messaging-activemq subsystem.

How to turn on scheduler support in TomEE ActiveMQ?

Just I would like to use the default settings plus scheduler support. Scheduler support is disabled by default in ActiveMQ. In order to use it you must set the property ‘schedulerSupport’ to true which means you will need to modify the default broker configuration, no way around that.

Is it possible to connect to an ActiveMQ broker outside of TomEE?

It is possible to connect to an ActiveMQ Broker running externally. The setup is similar to the above with only two changes. Here the BrokerXmlConfig property is empty as we are not configuring an embedded broker to be run inside TomEE.

What’s the difference between TomEE MicroProfile and TomEE plume?

TomEE comes in four distributions: TomEE WebProfile, TomEE MicroProfile, TomEE+ and TomEE PluME. TomEE WebProfile targets the complete Jakarta EE Web Profile. The others do the same but add support for MicroProfile, JMS, JAX-WS, Jakarta Connectors, and to help those porting applications from Glassfish to TomEE.

What do you need to know about Apache TomEE?

Apache TomEE is a distribution of Tomcat with fully integrated ActiveMQ offering full JMS support to plain war files, Servlets and more. No setup is required and code like the following will work out of the box.