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How are Premier League stats calculated?

How are Premier League stats calculated?

Live data is collected by a three-person team covering each match. Two highly trained analysts use a proprietary video-based collection system to gather information on what happens every time a player touches the ball, which player it was and where on the pitch the action occurred.

What counts as a disposal?

Disposal: passing the ball legally, via a handball or kick.

What does TIB stand for in football?

Times in best
(TIB = Times in best, listed by the teams coaching staff & B.O.G = best on ground)

What is an error in NRL?

Errors – An error is when the ball is lost by the attacking team or when defensive players have reset tackle count to zero. Examples of this are a dropped catch or clean up, throwing an intercept offload or pass, throwing ball in to touch.

Who has lost the ball the most in the Premier League?

Trent Alexander-Arnold
The 22-year-old has lost possession 525 times in the Premier League this season, the most of any player. Trent Alexander-Arnold lost possession 45 times during Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Leicester City at the King Power Stadium.

Who uses Opta stats?

Opta data is used in the betting industry, the print and online media, sponsorship, broadcasting and professional performance analysis. Clients include Sky Sports, ESPN, Arsenal F.C., Oulala Fantasy Football, The All Blacks, Manchester City F.C., William Hill, Major League Soccer, The Guardian, BBC Sport, and Castrol.

Can you steal the ball in AFL?

+ Steal the ball from another player. A player is not permitted to kick the ball off the ground. FiEld BOuNcEs/BAll uPs. The ball shall be thrown up when the umpire is unsure which team touched the ball before it went out of bounds.

What is an illegal tackle in AFL?

A player tackled immediately on taking possession of the ball but before having any opportunity to dispose of the ball shall not be penalised. If a teammate of the tackling player joins the tackle, this shall be considered an illegal tackle and a free kick awarded to the tackled player.

What does TIB stand for?


Acronym Definition
TIB Thread Information Block (Windows data structure)
TIB Technical Information Bulletin (Sprint)
TIB Transportation Improvement Board
TIB The Independent BankersBank (Irving, Texas)

What is the highest NRL score ever?


Record Amount Season
Most points scored in a match 91 points May 11th, 1935 – St George vs. Canterbury
87 points May 18th, 1935 – Sydney vs. Canterbury
74 points Aug 23rd, 2003 – Parramatta vs. Cronulla
74 points Aug 10th, 2008 – Canberra vs. Penrith

How tall is Jordan Roughead height and weight?

AFL Tables – Jordan Roughead – Stats – Statistics [Stats Main][AFL Main] Jordan Roughead Sections of this page require Javascript enabled to function Born:3-Nov-1990 (Debut:19y 171d Last:29y 138d) Height:200 cm Weight:101 kg [Best][By team][By type][Averages][By opposition][By venue] [Games Played] By totals By averages

When did Jarryd Roughead play his first AFL game?

RB IF CL CG FF FA BR CP UP CM MI 1% BO GA 2005 Hawthorn 35 16 5-0-11 104 66 79 183 6 5 8 10 30 18 5 27 7 11 64 119 7 7 45 9 1 2006 Hawthorn 2 20 8-0-12 151 108 108 259 12 5 4 29 35 17 8 37 8 19 95 164 15 14 54 4 5 2007 Hawthorn 2 22 13-0-9 117 77 85 202 40 36 37 29 1 13 14 43 14 8 2 106 97 18 57 14 2 8 2008 Hawthorn 2 25 20-0-5 223 147 100 323 75

What do the stats mean in League of Legends?

Combat represents your contributions related to damage and kills, Income relates to things like Gold and CSing, and Map Control covers gameplay aspects such as vision and objectives. Selecting a champion will allow you to see each of these three main areas in more detail.

What are fielding stats for Major League Baseball?

Note: Complete player games played data. Fielding stats are a combination of official records and RetroSheet records. Both are likely to have substantial errors and will not match perfectly. Leagues historically made no effort to balance team, league, and player fielding stats.