Does Yeon Yihwa like Baam?

Does Yeon Yihwa like Baam?

It is hinted that she has romantic feelings for him towards the later part of Volume 2. When Baam is reunited with his companions, she notes that she has never seen Baam have that expression on his face.

Is Yeon dead?

Deceased (634 AD–679 AD)
Yeon Namsaeng/Living or Deceased

What happened to Yeon in Tower of God?

Currently, she was being held hostage somewhere by Yool and Kell, the two assassins from Zahard’s Army who were tasked to kill Viole.

Did Prince die in Tower of God?

In the end, Prince sacrificed himself and let Hoaqin consume him to allow Miseng to survive.

Is Arkraptor dead?

With Wangnan begging him not to do it, Akraptor sacrificed himself and ran into his own weapon, consequently receiving a fatal blast through the chest at point-blank range, thus killing him.

Who is the leader of Wolhaiksong?

Baek Ryun (백련, Baekryeon, Backryun) is the Ruler of the 77th Floor and the best friend of Urek Mazino. He was one of the founding members of and is the current head of Wolhaiksong.

Who loves Bam Tower of God?

After half of the canines were slaughtered, Yama joins with Baam for revenge and the two appears to have developed a cordial and friendly relationship, with Baam apologizing for his behavior in their first meeting and Yama expressing he likes Baam now for his tenacity.

Is Endorsi in love with BAM?

During their date, Endorsi mulls over her feelings for Bam and eventually, she realizes just how much Bam means to her. Nearing the end of their date, Endorsi wanted to give something to Bam that he’ll never forget. She kisses him on the cheek.

Who is the strongest person in Tower of God?

Phantaminum (펜타미넘, Pentamineom) is a mysterious and highly dangerous Irregular, currently 1st in the ranking. He is infamous for contributing to the creation of the stereotype against Irregulars. He is presumably the most powerful entity in the Tower and is actually an Axis (author).

Is Yuri part of Wolhaiksong?

It is said she is not actually a Wolhaiksong member, but she was one of the many Rankers present during the planting of the Wingtree. Therefore she has a friendly affiliation with the group.

Who is Phantaminum?

Is Endorsi in love with Baam?

It is seen by the fandom as the most likely ship to become canon, seeing as Endorsi has already shown signs of a crush on Bam in the manhwa. The ship became popular when many fans started recognizing Endorsi as “best girl” and shipping her with Bam as a result.

Why is Yeon Yihwa important to the Yeon family?

Yihwa is very praised among the Yeon Family because of the fact that the Yeon Family’s daughters are only born once every 100 years. When she was a child, the familie’s adults praised her for showing extraordinary flames after immolating a person with it, stating that she might become a Zahard’s Princess of the Yeon Family.

How is Yeon Yihwa’s relationship with akraptor?

Hon Akraptor: Yihwa has a good working relationship with him. Akraptor once gave her sound advice when she was being particularly difficult about Viole being a FUG member, telling her that she needed to realise the reality of her not being a beneficial member of any other team than theirs because of her inability of control her powers.

Why is Yihwa distrustful of Hwa Ryun?

Hwa Ryun: Yihwa is distrustful of Ryun due to her being in FUG, but often take her advice despite this, which might be due to her being more trusting towards women. Ha Jinsung: Yihwa said a lot of mean things about Baam infront of Jinsung, which almost caused him to attack her, but Baam stopped him.