Does West Clermont have a school district tax?

Does West Clermont have a school district tax?

West Clermont Schools receives 48% of its operating revenue through local taxes, 42% through state funding, 6% from homestead and rollback exemption, and 4% from other sources such as tax increment financing payments and interest income.

Is West Clermont a good school district?

This district’s average testing ranking is 6/10, which is in the top 50% of public schools in Ohio. Public Schools in West Clermont Local School District have an average math proficiency score of 65% (versus the Ohio public school average of 63%), and reading proficiency score of 68% (versus the 64% statewide average).

Did the West Clermont levy pass?

The Clermont County Board of Elections has certified the final results of the 2020 presidential primary election and West Clermont residents approved a 7.99-mill emergency operating levy to support the day-to-day operations of the West Clermont School District and to stabilize the current level of student programs and …

What is the tax rate in Clermont County?

Sales & Use Tax The current sales tax rate for Clermont County is 6.75%, of which 5.75% is State of Ohio sales tax and 1% is collected by Clermont County.

How many students are in the West Clermont School District?

8500 students
The West Clermont Local School District is the 23rd largest of Ohio’s 610 school districts, with 8500 students in grades Pre-K-12, with 453 certified staff members and 260 support personnel.

How many students go to West Clermont High School?

West Clermont High School/Number of students

What is the sales tax rate in Clermont County?

What is the sales tax in Clermont FL?

Clermont, Florida sales tax rate details The Florida sales tax rate is currently 6%. The County sales tax rate is 1%.

Does West Clermont have open enrollment?

4. Approval of students for open enrollment is at the discretion of the Superintendent in accordance with the District’s policies and administrative regulations. West Clermont Local School District will assume no responsibility for the transportation of students.

When was West Clermont High School built?

August 30, 2017
West Clermont High School/Founded

What is the property tax rate in Clermont County?

Ohio Property Tax Rates

County Median Home Value Average Effective Property Tax Rate
Clermont $164,200 1.50%
Clinton $125,300 1.08%
Columbiana $106,700 1.18%
Coshocton $100,000 1.18%

Who is the superintendent of West Clermont school district?

Read More West Clermont Words is a blog by West Clermont School District Superintendent Natasha Adams. On this blog, Superintendent Adams will discuss a variety of timely issues and provide information that will be helpful to West Clermont students, staff, parents, business partners and community members.

Is there a West Clermont High School together we can?

Together WE CAN! and TOGETHER WE DID in 2020! Together WE CAN! and TOGETHER WE DID! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the many, many accomplishments of our students and staff during the past school year. We’re proud to present our 2019-20 Quality Profile.

How are emergency weather decisions made in West Clermont?

How Emergency Weather Decisions are Made in West Clermont In West Clermont, Superintendent Natasha Adams makes the decision about emergency weather school opening delays or full school day closings. Current weather conditions, weather forecasts, road conditions, wind chill and actual temperatures are essential information…