Does Vonage have cell phone service?

Does Vonage have cell phone service?

Does Vonage offer mobile phone plans? If you don’t have a Vonage plan, our Vonage Mobile app lets you make free voice and video calls, and send free texts, video messages and photos to anyone with the app, anywhere in the world. ** You also get great low rates on international calls to anyone who doesn’t have the app.

How does Vonage Mobile work?

With your Vonage plan, you can make calls on your home phone and three smartphones using your Vonage phone number for no extra charge. Plus, you can answer calls made to your Vonage phone number from almost anywhere using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G*. *Standard data rates apply.

Does Vonage accept collect calls?

Vonage service does not allow for receiving or making collect calls. There are, however, providers that offer collect calling services. third party collect calling. …

Is Vonage phone service any good?

Vonage is a reliable name in VoIP, its call quality is excellent, and setup is extremely simple. But for more communications options and a lower cost, consider our Editors’ Choice, Skype or, if you need VoIP for your workplace, look into our Editors’ Choice for business, RingCentral.

Does Vonage require a special phone?

Vonage requires one of the pre-configured Phone Adapters specially manufactured for use with Vonage phone service.

Can I text from Vonage?

The Vonage® Business Communications Mobile App lets you send and receive business text and multimedia messages via your Vonage Business Communications number. * You can even use Business SMS and MMS when you’re at your computer using Desktop, so you don’t have to use your personal phone number to stay connected.

Is Vonage worth the money?

Vonage service delivers good quality at a good price. It is not the cheapest service on the market, but it is not too expensive given the features offered. With regards to voice quality, it will help to have a good broadband connection.

Can I cancel Vonage at any time?

Vonage does not offer the ability to cancel your service online or through email. You must contact Vonage by phone. To cancel your service, call 1-732-944-0000.

What kind of phone can I use with Vonage?

Vonage Phones

  • Polycom. Polycom VVX 250 4-Line IP Phone – 2200-48820-025.
  • Polycom. Polycom VVX 450 12-Line IP Phone – 2200-48840-025.
  • Polycom. Polycom VVX 350 6-Line IP Phone – 2200-48830-025.
  • Grandstream. Grandstream GXP2170 12-Line IP Phone.
  • Grandstream. Grandstream GXP2135 8-Line IP Phone.
  • Polycom.
  • Polycom.
  • Grandstream.

Can Vonage home receive text messages?

Link your Vonage service to your iPhone or Android phone with the Extensions App and make and receive calls from that number for the same low rates as your Vonage home phone. Open Extensions App and click Continue. Mark checkbox to receive SMS messages from Vonage.

Can a Vonage phone be linked to any Vonage account?

You can link your Vonage service to any mobile or landline phone number. When you make a call from the linked phone number, you must use an Access Number and your Security PIN to ensure you are billed at the same low rates as your Vonage home phone.. Link up to two U.S. non-Vonage phone numbers to your Vonage service in your Online Account.

How much does Vonage international calling plan cost?

Vonage World calling plan offers unlimited international calling to 60 countries for only $19.99/mo. for the 1st 6 mos, then $29.99/mo (with 1-year agreement). Taxes & fees are extra. No startup fees. Make and receive calls on your home phone and three smartphones using our app. Offer ends soon.

Do you have to use speed dial to use Vonage?

Dial the phone number that you want to call (use 011 + country code for international calls). NOTE: Do not use speed dial or select the number you want to call from your contact list when calling from a mobile phone. If you do, the call might be placed over your mobile provider’s network, not the Vonage network and you could incur costs.

How does Vonage work with the extension plan?

Extensions® permits inbound and outbound calling on up to two additional registered phones at the home calling plan rates. If you subscribe to plans with monthly minutes allotments (for example, U.S. & Canada 400), all call minutes placed from both your home and registered Extensions® phones will count toward your monthly minutes allotment.