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Does the quiet site have WiFi?

Does the quiet site have WiFi?

Facilities on the site include: WiFi – available on all pitches. 5Mb/s. Work from Anywhere – The ultimate ‘Fresh Air Office’.

Are camping pods soundproof?

Solid and soundproof The solid walls of a pod are just what you need at this time of year, and even if the weather turns, you’ll be snoozing in comfort. Neither wind nor rain can touch you in your cosy cabin.

What is a camping pod?

Camping pods are cosy wooden huts with beds that are open all year round, giving you the chance to surround yourself with the changing seasons and take in the fresh outdoor air. Camping pods are well-insulated huts that will keep you warm and dry.

Where is quiet in the Lake District?

Ennerdale Valley
Ennerdale Valley is located in the western Lake District. Despite its size, it’s one of the quietest areas of the Lake District.

Are sleeping pods sound proof?

The designers are pretty serious when it comes to this exclusive ambit of ‘peace and safety’. This is because, structurally the sturdy Sleep Pod will be able to deter intruders, while also being sound proof and fireproof.

Can you buy a glamping pod on a site?

Glamping Pod Location and Accessibility You can purchase land specifically for your living pod, or build it up on the property that you already own. We recommend choosing a location that is accessible to you and without the obstruction of the entrance by trees or nature.

What’s the best place to Glamp in California?

Whether in a yurt, a safari-style tent, or a rustic cabin in the woods, glamping will be a magical experience. Guaranteed. If you are looking for a similar vacation anywhere else you can check out my posts on the coolest glamping spots in the world for more glamping options.

Is the quiet site Ullswater glamping still closed?

As the people of the world face unprecedented measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 we took the decision on Saturday 21st March to close The Quiet Site until further notice. Now is the time to Stay Home and not to visit the lakes. We have issued credit notes to all our booked guests as a precaution.

What kind of campsite do you use for glamping?

Glamping, a nickname for “glamorous camping,” is a unique and comfortable way to get some fresh air and connect with the great outdoors. Glamping sites can include yurts, treehouses, cabins, safari tents, tipis, domes, you name it!

Which is the best site for glamping in Cumbria?

We stopped in one of the camping pods, which were lovely. The on site bar was great too, really friendly and cosy. The cottage was stunning, we enjoyed the garden…barbecuing in the evening sun when the weather was kind and making the most of the aga and the incredibly well equipped kitchen on other evenings.