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Does the Porsche Boxster come with a hardtop?

Does the Porsche Boxster come with a hardtop?

One of the neat must-have accessories for the Boxster is the hardtop. This roof attaches to the car and insulates the inside from both road noise and cold weather. When you purchase your hardtop, it’s almost always missing the front and side cover trim pieces which snap on to cover up the latch mechanisms.

Will the Porsche Boxster 986 become a classic?

Arguably one of the least loved of all Porsches, the 986 Boxster, has been granted a kind of protected status by its maker.

Whats the difference between a 986 and 987 Boxster?

The 987 was a development of the 986 but featured more sophisticated styling, inspired by the Carrera GT, and upgraded engines. The 2.7 now had 237bhp and the 3.2 ‘S’, 276bhp. Two years later these outputs rose to 241bhp and 291bhp respectively, as the ‘S’ engine swelled from 3.2 to 3.4-litres.

Is a Porsche Boxster a good track car?

As a Boxster track guy this is pretty surprising. They’re known for being one of the easiest most forgiving track cars out there. I’m not sure how the Spec Boxster you drove was setup though. Spec cars are looking for every millisecond and loose is fast so who knows.

How much does a 986 Porsche Boxster cost?

The 986 generation of the Porsche Boxster currently has an amazing value. Early cars in decent running condition from 1997-1999 can be purchased for as low as $5,000, with lower-mileage, well-maintained cars easy to find for about $7,500. For your money, you get a car that up to the A pillar looks almost exactly like a 996 generation 911.

How to install a hardtop on a Porsche Boxster?

If not, then simply slide the insert into each side, and tighten down the pinch clamp with the shoulder bolt (orange arrow). Once you place the hardtop on the car, you can plug in the rear windscreen defroster near where the yellow arrow is pointing.

Do you need a roll bar for a Porsche Boxster?

In addition, if you are going to be using your car for track racing, many of the racing clubs and circuits require both a hardtop and roll bar extensions to protect you in the unlikely case of a rollover.

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